RETURN TO AMISH Who are the new cast members?

It has been almost a month since TLC announced that Return To Amish will be back for another season on November 18. In the preview trailers released by the network, it is revealed that the new season will include a mix of old and new cast members.

Returning cast members include “Mama Mary” Schmucker, Sabrina Burkholder, Jeremiah Raber, and Carmela Raber, while the show’s First Couple, Rebecca and Abe Schmucker, have decided to step away from reality TV. OG Kate Stoltz left before last season, and she will not be back either.

So, we know who the returning cast members are, but we still have NO idea who the newcomers are! All we have to go on are the videos, so I managed to screen cap all the new faces (and hot bodies?!) that I could in hopes that it might assist our readers in sleuthing out some identities before the premiere!

From the looks of it, there will be one new man and three new women added, including a bit of racial diversity. Here are the cast photos that I was able to cull from the videos — I will fill in with names and more info when (or if) we find out prior to the Premiere. If you’ve got any info, feel free to contact me at any of the links at the bottom of this post!

UPDATE – It appears that the new cast members’ names are Lowell, Shelly and Dawn. I’m still trying to find out more.

UPDATE – More info from an extended sneak peek preview trailer!

Return To Amish Season 5 premieres Sunday, November 18 at 10/9c on TLC.

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