Carmela and Jeremiah Raber accuse each other of domestic abuse after dramatic split

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Raber divorce

It’s been two days since Return To Amish star Carmela Raber reportedly dropped her husband Jeremiah Raber off to pay the electric bill before leaving him stranded by driving away with his clothes, an expensive camera, and $15,000 in cash that the couple had just received from selling a property. In that time, both Jeremiah and Carmela have been posting on social media with accusations of domestic violence, drug addiction, and more — with both making claims that they have been in contact with the police.

To briefly summarize, Jeremiah is still upset that Carmela left with the $15k, his clothes, and his new camera. (The two were planning on a long road trip is why those things were in the car at the time Carmela left.) He has been posting a series of videos, photos, and written entries alleging that Carmela is addicted to prescription medication, had violent outbursts, and was very controlling.

Jeremiah also wants to make it very clear that Carmela is not a Christian, and that he believes she never loved him but was only in it for the money. He says that he has told authorities that Carmela had $50,000 in unreported income from doing the show, which he suggests would impact her child support arrangement.

Here is an excerpt from Jeremiah’s many posts:

I am fed up with everyone thinking that it’s only women who get abused. That is not true guys get abused as well by women. the only difference is women are usually more vocal about it where as a guy is too embarrassed to speak out. I could post picture after picture of what she has done to me but most of you won’t believe it. You guys believe what you want but in the end only Carmela and I know the truth.

Carmela was silent just after driving off and leaving Jeremiah, but she has since taken to Facebook to respond to Jeremiah’s numerous postings and allegations against her. Her posts can be summarized as detailed accounts of some of the alleged abuse that she (and her children) suffered while with Jeremiah, combined with her claim that she paid for the property that was sold this week. Commenters were demanding that Carmela post proof of having paid for the property as well as Jeremiah’s abuse, and she responded with: “I will soon.. police is my first priority before public.”

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Before I get into the disturbing details shared by both parties, I want to post a PSA of sorts. We have been reporting on Jeremiah and Carmela’s rocky relationship ever since their whirlwind romance and marriage in April of 2016. This is because they are public figures and they have consistently shared very personal and very shocking details about their ups and downs on social media.

But please do not forget that there are valuable lessons to be taken from their story. It is important to be aware that people (including you and me) can find ourselves in terrible situations that can become normalized over time. If you feel that you are being abused in any way, please reach out. If you know someone that looks to be in an abusive relationship, please reach out. The important thing is to give the person in that situation perspective, and remind him or her that no one deserves to be abused.

Here are some helpful links:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Where to get help for domestic violence
Getting out of an abusive relationship

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Unlike some of their previous break ups, there were no direct interactions between Jeremiah and Carmela on social media, merely general reactions and rebuttals. With that being the case, it is easier to simply break down the two sides separately. I will start with most of what Carmela has posted, and I will follow that up with Jeremiah’s posts. The entries for each are in chronological order for the most part.

CARMELA: I know you may be hearing a lot of stuff from jeremiah … for the past 2 years he has punched me, hit me, kicked me, pushed me, strangled me, cheated on me.
Called me every horrible name imaginable. He threatened to ruin my life if I leave..I will no longer worry about all those threats I will no longer live in fear.. He will not leave me be he has threatened my children’s life and my life as well as his..
I’m not strong enough to tell my side I’m sittin here shaking after hearing my 13 year old cry and get angry from jeremiah calling him and telling him he’s a fat ass.
I’m so scared but I’m free from his manipulation and he can go ahead spread his lies but in the end truth will come out..
Today he has called over hundred times with many text messages of trying to get back together.. to try and hook me and scare me into whatever he wants..
Leave me alone!!!!
You’ve scarred my kids, attacked my body.
No more!

Carmela Raber domestic violence allegations against Jeremiah

COMMENTER: Leave and don’t look back!

CARMELA: I will never go back to that boy.

COMMENTER: We r just suppose to take her word? If she’s gonna air dirty laundry publicly there should be no problem showing proof. I’d want to show what he did… I’m an abuse survivor andshowed many strangers proof no problem. Texts, letters, pics of my bloody face. I wanted to prove he was a monster. Why doesn’t she?

CARMELA: I will soon.. police is my first priority before public

CARMELA: One last thing and you won’t hear from me for a bit..
Ask jeremiah who paid for that property l, ask who paid for it in full.
I’ll tell you, I did.
He did not put one red cent into it.. jeremiah had his income and if he did ever get me something I had to pay it back..
jeremiah broke all my stuff I had 7 phones he smashed all the makeup I collected he smashed into the walls and ground.. cut my clothes
Put oil and water in my Mazda, keyed it kicked the wind shield and cracked it. He erased my computer to factory settings then threw my phone against the screen and broke it, broke my washer and dryer by slamming the doors over and over and kicking it.. pretty much everything I went into this marriage is gone and broken and worst of it all he broke my kids games and toys and sent them to my kids.. I had to watch my kids cry.
As I type this he’s sending me threatening texts to keep my mouth shut. I do block him but has many burner numbers and fake accounts.
No more I’m so very sorry for airing out my personal life but he won’t leave me alone. My family has been through hell and back..
again I’m truly sorry but I don’t know what else to do.

CARMELA: That moment when I knew enough was enough is when he put his fist up and was going to punch me.. I covered my head with my arms bracing but he didn’t .. he then said I love seeing you flinch, walked away with his chest up.
You will never get that pleasure again!
That was the very last time I will see that side of you..

I can’t thank the ones who helped me.. there’s isn’t enough words other than god has blessed me with you all.
I’m so very thankful.
The light is so bright and beautiful.
To the ones who has lived or living with D.V
You’re amazing, strong
It only gets worse.
I pray for you.

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JEREMIAH: Everyone now knows you’re addicted to pills so come clean with it. You even stole all my anxiety pills to try and satisfy the addiction

COMMENTER: And if she’s a drug addict, that needs to be reported to the child protective authorities also..Not posted for the public to determine..

JEREMIAH: Trust me already done

JEREMIAH: I’m going to give one final rant. Most of you believe everything she says and that’s fine but remember this there are plenty of people who have seen her act out in ways that are mind-blowing. People have seen her create bruises and blame it on me. If that’s what she wants to do and then lie to you guys then I guess that’s her choice. She is not a Christian she even tells me she’s not a Christian but then she lies to all of you and says she is one. Actions speak louder than words. I promise you with everything that I have that she told me if she does leave she sending a gang after me to take care of me and I have those messages saved. As far as those pictures I posted with the house being all destroyed every single picture was her. That’s not even counting the time she’s destroyed the house and left while I was in Jacksonville with some of our friends and we came home and found the house totally destroyed. I have those pictures as well but I haven’t posted them yet. On a daily basis I was controlled and what I mean by controlled is I was told I’m not allowed to ask a single question I have to do exactly what she says and if I don’t then she’s going to call the cops. Now she had no reason to call the cops the only reason I did what she said was because I did not want to lose her. If I didn’t give her money she threatened to leave or she threatened to call the cops. I gave her plenty of money even though she says I didn’t. I paid part of her son’s rent more than once. I sent her $1,100 the one time when she had left but she’ll never tell you guys that. On a daily basis I was told how ugly I am how stupid I am how worthless I am that my biological family didn’t want me around My adoptive family doesn’t want me around and even now nobody wants me around. I was warned not to talk to my kids in front of her for some reason. When she wanted to go somewhere she threw the biggest fit when I said I’m not driving because I don’t have driver’s license. She refused to do anything in this house as far as cleaning. She threw food on the floor and never picked it up. she dumped water all over the place and never wiped it up. she threatened to break every window in the house when she got pissed off. She was addicted to pills. She even walked out of the hospital when they refuse to give her pain medication. She would not get up until 3 or 4 in the afternoon even though I tried plenty of times to get her up throughout the day. The minute she woke up I had to be ready to go whatever she said if I wasn’t ready she would freak out and have a baby fit. I have seen her throw herself on the floor and kick around and scream just like a little kid. I am fed up with everyone thinking that it’s only women who get abused. That is not true guys get abused as well by women. the only difference is women are usually more vocal about it where as a guy is too embarrassed to speak out. I could post picture after picture of what she has done to me but most of you won’t believe it. You guys believe what you want but in the end only Carmela and I know the truth. she has sucked me dry from every penny for weeks and weeks on end and then takes off with $15,000 and my $800 camera that I bought for myself and she took 95% of my clothes. she loves to tell people that I cheated on her but my phone was an open book to her but her phone had a lock on it and I was strictly forbidden from even looking at it. I could go on and on but I’m going to stop and if she wishes to continue with her lies then that’s on her. At least I know tonight I’m going to go to bed and lay my head on a soft pillow and be relieved that I told the truth. I asked her to bring my clothes back and all my camera gear and she can get the hell out but she refuses so I guess if she feels good doing that to me then there’s nothing I can do for right now. If she was such a Christian the way she claims she is she would actually return everything that is not hers but she won’t because she’s not a Christian. So please think long and hard. If I was so wrong the way she claims then why did she keep coming back. Oh that’s right it’s because it’s not true and she wanted the money. End of rant believe what you want

JEREMIAH: She has always wanted the spotlight. Now she has it

JEREMIAH: If anything happens to me you know who to blame. According to her she has a gang coming to take care of me.

JEREMIAH: This is what happened when she freaked out [with a series of photos showing broken furniture, etc]

Jeremiah Raber Carmela freak out photos

JEREMIAH: And of course my ex-wife [Naomi Stutzman] had to chime in [with screen caps below]

Jeremiah Raber ex-wife Naomi Stutzman messages
Jeremiah Raber ex-wife Naomi Stutzman messages about Carmela

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