RETURN TO AMISH Carmela and Jeremiah are back together

Return To Amish Are Jeremiah Raber and Carmela back together?

Less than a month after Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber proudly declared himself “single as f**k” after telling his wife Carmela “to get the f**k out of the house,” it appears as though he might once again be married as f**k!

The potential Jermela reconciliation speculation began a little less than two weeks ago after Jeremiah documented the beginning of a mystery vacation with a live Periscope video. He hinted in additional videos over the next few days that he was on the west coast, just prior to starting a road trip back to Florida.

The reconciliation rumor gained momentum due to Jeremiah’s coyness over sharing any details about his trip combined with the inability of folks to come up with another reason for Jeremiah to fly across the country and then drive home.

During the road trip, Jeremiah updated fans with more live streams on Periscope from hotels in locations like Utah and Missouri. In one of his recent videos posted on Facebook, he is documenting a storm in Missouri when a female voice that sounds A LOT like Carmela asks: “What is that sound?”

Here’s the video — see if you think it’s Carmela:

If that’s not Carmela, then Jeremiah has found her vocal twin!

Whether he is traveling with Carmela or not, Jeremiah certainly seems extremely upbeat and happy in his videos — which is good.

If it is Carmela, I’m amazed (given the couple’s history of explosive arguments) that the first thing they did after deciding to patch things up was take a road trip in a car together across the country! Remember, according to Carmela, Jeremiah (aka Jer) isn’t the easiest person to road trip with:

I don’t like traveling long distance trips with kids in the car with jer because if I make wrong turns he yells at me and calls me names .. last time he yelled go die you c*nt b!tch.. and when I don’t listen to how he wants me to drive out of nowhere he puts it in neutral.. so scary! I just don’t want to deal with that I don’t want the kids to hear that either.

I should point out that Carmela specifies that she doesn’t like long distance trips with Jeremiah “with kids in the car.” There is no indication that any of Carmela’s children might be on the trip — if in fact it is Carmela.

Jeremiah mentions that they are currently in talks for another season of Return To Amish, but adds that troubled co-star Sabrina Burkholder will not be included. He also states that show OGs Rebecca and Abe Schmucker don’t want to come back. I assume that Kate Stoltz is also out, so I can’t imagine what producers would have left that they could make a show out of that wasn’t just a Jermela spin-off? Well, I guess it could be a Jeremiah and Mama Mary show! 🙂 #Marymiah

I am guessing that either Jeremiah or Carmela will be addressing the reconciliation speculation soon, so stay tuned!

UPDATE – Still no comments from either Jeremiah or Carmela on social media about getting back together. Jeremiah did post another clip from the road trip, though. Here he is with his very Carmela-ish traveling companion viewing the eclipse in Nebraska:

UPDATE – The Jermela reconciliation has been confirmed! The two posted a video together on Youtube doing the Bean Boozled Challenge — whatever that is:

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