BREAKING AMISH Mama Mary Schmucker’s daughter Katie Ann got married today!

Breaking Amish Katie Ann Schmucker wedding

The last time we updated on the relationship status of Breaking Amish star Katie Ann Schmucker, she had left the Amish to join the rodeo and be with her bronco-riding beau Leroy Miller. Well, it seems that Mama Mary’s daughter has gotten all those rodeo dreams out of her system as her sister-in-law Rebecca Schmucker reveals she has rejoined the Amish — and got married today!

Rebecca made the announcement on Instagram this morning with a photo of the amazing wedding cake in a very rustic setting. “Today my sister in law KatieAnn is getting married!!” Rebecca captioned the image. “Us ex-Amish can’t be there but I hope it’s a good day for them!”

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the wedding, including the identity of the groom. There also aren’t any photos — at least not that I could find online. Ding dang those Amish and their aversion to technology!

Rebecca’s post inspired a lot of questions, and she was kind enough to answer quite a few of them. Of course, people wanted to know if Mama Mary was able to attend, especially given her seemingly constant state of flux as far as going back and forth between being Amish and English. Rebecca confirmed that not only was Mama Mary able to attend, but she was the host for the shindig!

“She is the host, as all Amish moms are,” Rebecca reveals. “She is exhausted, but happy to be able to do it!”

More from Rebecca’s interactions in the comments:

COMMENT: Looks beautiful. Is it an Amish wedding?

REBECCA: Yes it is.

COMMENT: How wonderful!! I’ve wondered how Katie Ann is doing. And that’s a lovely cake and table setting!

REBECCA: My other sis in law made the cake. ?

COMMENT: I must admit Rebecca I don’t agree with the Amish shunning people. That’s God’s job not the minister, and the way they treat you if you go ex Amish isn’t right.

REBECCA: I agree with you, but I was also raised that way, so it’s not unexpected. I just try not to dwell on it or take it too personally, but I’m also human.

COMMENT: I don’t understand because I’m English and I’ve been to plenty of Amish weddings. ??‍♀️ It must be a PA thing…because the OH Amish near me, let all friends and family come!

REBECCA: It’s definitely a PA thing, maybe elsewhere. But you are right, my family in Ohio still invites ex Amish to weddings and stuff.

In honor of Katie Ann’s special day, I will wrap up by taking a gallop down memory lane, back to the scene where Rebecca arranged it so that Katie Ann could try out her dream of barrel racing in front of a real rodeo crowd:


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