BREAKING AMISH Mama Mary Schmucker’s daughter Katie Ann is pregnant

Breaking Amish Mama Mary's daughter Katie-Ann Schmucker pregnant

Mama Mary Schmucker is going to be a grandma again! Her daughter Katie Ann Schmucker, who was featured on both Breaking Amish and Return To Amish, is currently pregnant!

Katie’s sister-in-law Rebecca Schmucker broke the news on her Instagram account on Thursday after posting a tease earlier this week. “Can you guess who is due very soon?” Rebecca captioned a photo of pregnant woman wearing Amish clothes. (The photo was cropped to the woman’s shoulders.) “😃 ITS NOT ME!” Rebecca added, along with a smiling face emoji.

The teaser post was made on Sunday, and Rebecca let her fans openly ponder for four days until making the reveal. Along with the photo of pregnant Katie Ann with Rebecca and Abe’s daughter Malika above, Rebecca wrote:

Most of you guessed it right!! KatieAnn is expecting!! I took this picture tonight because Malika and Katie looked so cute just cuddling on the chair! The girls cannot wait to meet their new cousin!! We are all impatient at this point! Lol

I tried to find out more information, but had zero luck. If Katie is still on social media, she has herself well hidden.


The pregnancy reveal comes a little less than a year after Katie Ann got married back in early May of last year. Unfortunately, Katie Ann’s lack of an online presence means we don’t know much about her husband either — not even a name. She was dating a rodeo cowboy named Leroy back in July of 2014, but I just checked in on his Facebook page and he looks to still be living the rodeo life, which Katie is not.

Rebecca revealed at the time of Katie Ann’s wedding that she has returned to the Amish. She stated the same in the comments section of the pregnancy photo.

Congratulations to Katie Ann! Hopefully Rebecca will update again when Mama Mary’s newest grandchild arrives. 🙂

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