RETURN TO AMISH Carmela leaves Jeremiah Raber stranded, she takes $15k and runs off

Jeremiah Raber and wife Carmela break up again again

Troubled Return To Amish couple Carmela and Jeremiah Raber have split once again, with every indication being that this time it’s for good. And, as you would expect with the final Jermela break up, it happened in VERY dramatic fashion — and it all got documented on Facebook.

Fans of the show may recall that Jeremiah and Carmela purchased some land in Florida in addition to the plot on which they placed their home. They have been trying to sell the land for a while, and they closed on that sale on Wednesday — oddly enough, they sold it to the irritable neighbor featured on the show! (But that’s neither her nor there.)

Jeremiah posted videos on Youtube and Facebook on Wednesday announcing that he and Carmela would be taking a road trip together to the west coast and through Ohio to see their kids, etc. The two were scheduled to leave town today, but apparently only one of the two actually did that.

From what we can gather, Jeremiah and Carmela were all packed and ready to go, but they had to make a few stops in town before leaving. One of those stops was at the bank, where they cashed the check from the sale of their property. At another stop was at the electric company to pay their bill. Carmela stayed in the car (with the cash) while Jeremiah went inside to pay.

When Jeremiah came back out, Carmela (plus the money, the car, an $800 camera, and lots of Jeremiah’s clothes) was gone!

It seems that Carmela was not responding to Jeremiah’s texts or calls, so he tried to reach out to her by posting on her Facebook wall. Ironically, the posts were in the comments section of a video shared by Carmela on Wednesday — the lyrics video for Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up.”

Here are Jeremiah’s comments:

So you take $15,000 and you leave me hanging

It would be nice if u came and picked me up

where are u


so you were all about that money….$15k in your pocket and you leave me hanging forcing me to walk 6 miles home and you leave after you sucked me dry.

$15k $800 camera an most of my clothes

why would you take most of my clothes and $800 camera

stop ignoring my calls

income fraud….pay backs a b$#%h.

$50k income never reported on her end and now this $15k

Jeremiah returned to his own Facebook wall to express his frustration to his fans:

Ella Maria Raber so for the last few weeks ive been getting forced to buy buy buy buy just to be sucked dry. we sold the property an got the money today so we went and cashed the check and wouldnt you know it, she grabbed all the money then she left me hanging in town. i had to walk 6 miles in this heat to get home. im sitting here with no money while she lives in style with what should be half mine. she loves to tell ppl that i wouldnt give her money but thats all lies!!! she took most of my clothes and an $800 camera……i give up therefore im out of here….

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber and Carmela split up again

In the comments section he reveals the actual amount to be $15,400 and he adds: “she’s doing everything in her power to ruin me.”

Today’s dramatic events come two weeks after a similar episode between the two in which Carmela did sort of a “Take the Money and Run” test run. According to Jeremiah, she unexpectedly drove off with his wallet in the car. He pleaded with her on Facebook to just drive by and toss his wallet on the driveway, before revealing that he planned to contact the police over the matter. At some point after that incident, the two reconciled yet again. Obviously, it is unknown if Carmeal was biding her time until the property sold, or if it was a spur of the moment decision when she found herself sitting alone in her car with $15,000 in cash in her pocket.

In between the Carmela leaving incidents, Jeremiah was intently focused on building an audience for their “Raber Family” Youtube channel. Despite it being the “Raber Family,” Carmela rarely made an appearance — and when she did, she seemed less than enthusiastic.

Also, in hindsight, it seems that Carmela was hinting at a potential flight on Facebook. In addition to posting lots of family photos and commenting about wanting to return to the state of Washington, she shared a series of lyric videos that seem to have a couple of consistent themes. Here are the 12 videos shared by Carmela in just the past three days in order of oldest to newest:

Queen “Another One Bites the Dust”
Bon Jovi “You Give Love A Bad Name
Drake “Tuesday”
Miranda Lambert “Somethin’ Bad”
Miranda Lambert “Kerosene”
Taylor Swift “Mean”
Helly Luv “Revolution”
Maroon 5 “One More Night”
Juan Gotti “Smile Now, Cry Later”
Paula Abdul “Cold Hearted”
Tupac “Only God Can Judge Me”
Tupac “Keep Yo Head Up”

As has been the case during all of their recent issues, Carmela has not addressed their split today on social media. We will update if she posts her side of things.

UPDATE – Nothing from Carmela, but Jeremiah is going off on Facebook Live:

UPDATE – Carmela has responded at length as Jeremiah continues to post. Click here for all the latest, which includes allegations of domestic violence, drug addiction, and more.

UPDATE – More than a year after all this drama went down, Jeremiah has finally admitted that the money was rightfully Carmela’s all along.

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