Is the Johnny and Rosanna story line on Return To Amish fake? SPOILERS

Return To Amish - Is Rosanna and Johnny's story fake?

Return To Amish Season 7 features the return of Season 6 star Rosanna Miller. This time, Rosanna is bringing her new boyfriend, Johnny Detweiler, along with her to Florida.

23-year-old Johnny is still Amish, and he really wants Rosanna to remain Amish as well. He reluctantly agrees to drive down to Florida (he can drive because he’s on Rumspringa) and give English life a chance, but he’s nervous about the experience — and confident that he will remain Amish after it’s all said and done.

At the end of Return To Amish Season 6, it appeared that Rosanna was leaving the Amish church behind for good. However, in her intro for Season 7, Rosanna reveals that she decided to go back to the Amish church because being English was so difficult.

Rosanna explains that she didn’t have her GED and claims she couldn’t get her driver’s license because the DMV was closed due to COVID. “After everyone went their separate ways, I ended up going back to my Amish family,” Rosanna reveals.

“I feel like I failed because I really wanted to try and make it in the English world,” Rosanna continues. “But God works in mysterious ways because something good happened at the end of it.” That good was Johnny.

“I’m Amish, so if Rosanna’s gonna be with me, she’s gonna have to be Amish,” Johnny says during his intro. “I’m willing to experience the outside world with her, but I’m just hoping she’s willing to stay Amish for me.”

Is the Rosanna and Johnny story line fake?

Breaking Amish and Return To Amish have a long history of fudging the truth a bit. That tradition dates all the way back to the very first season featuring Jeremiah, Sabrina, Kate, Abe and Rebecca “fresh” out of their Amish and Mennonite communities. Jeremiah was divorced with three kids at the time, Sabrina was divorced, Kate had a DUI in Florida, and Abe and Rebecca were already together with a child — after Rebecca left her first husband for Abe. They had all been English quite some time before filming.

Keeping with the franchise tradition, the Rosanna Miller and Johnny Detweiler story line in Return To Amish Season 7 is definitely not accurate.

Based on her social media posts, Rosanna hasn’t been Amish for years. As we mentioned in our post about co-star Maureen Byler, there’s actually a Facebook photo of Maureen and Rosanna together (and not in Amish clothes) posted in January of 2018.

Return To Amish Season 7 filmed the Florida scenes around June/July of 2021. In July of 2021, Johnny shared a photo of Rosanna in her Amish clothes standing against a palm tree. Here’s his caption for the photo:

I love this girl a lot ❤️ I left the Amish 6 years ago and never thought I’d go back to it again never say never 💕 the part that gets me the most I had to pretend to be Amish for the upcoming show when I really haven’t lived that life for so many years

When did Johnny Detweiler leave the Amish?

In the couple’s intro, Rosanna claims “Johnny has a construction business that works for Amish customers and has an Amish crew.” Here’s a photo of Johnny and his crew posted in August of 2020, well before filming Return To Amish Season 7. (That’s Johnny in the red Under Armour shirt.)

Johnny Detweiler and his Amish construction crew

Normally, finding fallacies in reality show story lines takes some research and some sleuthing. With the current season of Return To Amish, all you have to do is just visit the social media pages of the cast.

Here’s a screen cap of Rosanna’s Instagram feed with images and videos posted just before filming the current season:

Return To Amish Rosanna Miller's Instagram feed before filming Season 7

There are LOTS of pictures and videos of Rosanna and Johnny having fun in Florida wearing English clothes — including lots of drinking, smoking, jet skiing, and more.

Here’s a picture of Rosanna, Johnny, and Rosanna’s brother wearing the same Hawaiian shirt that he has on in the preview trailer fight scene with Johnny:

Return To amish Johnny Rosanna and Ray partying and fighting

I should also point out that Johnny has numerous traffic citations prior to filming for things like driving without a license and driving an unregistered vehicle. I suppose those could be in regards to an Amish buggy, but I seriously doubt it.

To see what producers came up with for Rosanna and Johnny this season, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Return To Amish airing Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC!

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