BREAKING AMISH Mama Mary Schmucker has colon cancer, having surgery soon

Mama Mary Schmucker has colon cancer, will have surgery soon

We have some very unfortunate news for Breaking Amish and Return To Amish fans as the franchise matriarch, Mama Mary Schmucker, recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Mary revealed the news in her private Facebook group dedicated to her Tupperware sales business. Earlier this month she shared a text graphic update.

“I just want to give a little update,” Mary wrote in the post, shared by TV Shows Ace. “As you know I have colon cancer and I am scheduled for a surgery this month.”

Mary hasn’t provided any specific details about her diagnosis or the surgical procedure she is having. However, she did recently do an Instagram live in which she revealed that she was having second thoughts.

“I wanted to talk a little bit about my surgery,” Mary said during an Instagram live session on April 8. “I kind of wanted to cancel but I guess I’m having my surgery in a couple weeks.” She let her followers know that she will be keeping them updated after the surgery.

“I’m going to need your help when I’m recuperating,” Mary admitted. “I need somebody to talk to, so I’ll probably jump on here quite a bit.”

A week later, Mary did another Instagram live session riding with her daughter-in-law, Rebecca Schmucker. She revealed in the video that they were returning from DuBois, Pennsylvania where she was doing a follow up prior to her surgery.The exact date of Mary’s surgery is still not known.

Here’s that clip:

Of course, we wish Mama Mary a speedy recovery! If you wish to send her some love and positive thoughts, check her out on Instagram!

Will Mama Mary be back for another season?

It has been confirmed by multiple Return To Amish cast members that producers have finished filming another season of the show and they are just waiting for a premiere date from TLC. Unfortunately, Mama Mary will not be included.

Mary was asked about returning to TLC during one of her live streams. “I would love to come back on TV, but there’s too many issues that won’t work for me,” Mary revealed. “I would like to come back, but come back as we are doing now. I feel we should do a story like what happened after the show, where we are now, and what happened to us so people know. But, they don’t wanna do that.”

If you’re curious what has been up with Mama Mary Schmucker since her last appearance on Return To Amish, she and her husband Chester are still together. They moved to Tennessee for a while, but moved back to Pennsylvania earlier this year.

“I was just too lonely there,” Mary explained. “I needed my friends. So, I’m back!” In addition to being back in Pennsylvania, Mary said she is also back to selling Tupperware.

As far as Mary’s children, she gave a brief update on all of them. “Andrew is still with Chapel, Abe is still with Rebecca, and Katie Ann is with her husband Ray — they have two children. And Esther has a baby girl. She’s living in Punxsutawney. And Melvin, he’s married to Linda.”

We will be sure to keep up with Mary’s surgery and continue to share updates with our readers!

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