RETURN TO AMISH Carmela says Jeremiah Raber is abusive & owes her money

Breaking Amish Jeremiah and Carmela break up again in 2022

Breaking Amish: Return To Amish couple Carmela and Jeremiah Raber have split up yet again, and they did it in typically dramatic fashion. This time around, Carmela bought a house and then served Jeremiah with a restraining order.

Jeremiah took the hint. He boxed up some of his stuff and moved out. He spent the next couple weeks living in his car as he did DoorDash deliveries hoping to save enough money for a trip back to Ohio where his children live. Jeremiah says he has someone in Ohio who is willing to provide owner financing on a fixer-upper.

“Once I get there, I’m going to be fixing it up,” Jeremiah said of his new diggs during a live Facebook stream earlier this week. “It is a four bedroom, two bathroom, 1,800-some square feet.”

While Jeremiah has been posting numerous videos talking about his split from Carmela, she has remained relatively quiet. However, Carmela opened up in the comments section of her recent Facebook post. The post was just a photo, but the comments section quickly filled up with questions about the break up. Carmela responded to many of the comments, and I have compiled some for them for you below.

The biggest takeaway from Carmela’s comments is that she purchased the house with her own money. The rest is basically saying that Jeremiah is a liar and all-around bad person who owes her a lot of money. She says she even bought the car he is currently living in.

Carmella Addresses Split From Jeremiah

COMMENT: You left Jeremiah the moment he buy a house. Now he lives in his car only the fame is for you everything. Terrible woman.
CARMELA: No, Jeremiah didn’t buy any house. He wasn’t even with me when I bought the house. He’s being very untruthful.

COMMENT: He is sitting in a brand new car I’m sure he is fine.
CARMELA: That I paid for him to get.. he promised to pay me back but won’t..

COMMENT: Carmela you stayed by his side longer than you should have kudos for that! I have watched the show from the beginning and he has always been a shit starter that likes to stir the pot. Keep doing you and don’t look back. Best wishes to you sweetheart 😘
CARMELA: Thank you. I can walk away knowing I tried the best I could, I have taken him back hoping things would be different because he would say what I wanted to hear and I tried to believe he would just be nice to me, that is all I asked..was him to be nice to me. I was always disappointed in myself every time. I appreciate it thank you♥️

COMMENT: He was live last night running his mouth about you and I just couldn’t stay quiet. I told him that whatever happened between the 2 of you is NOT our business and he needs to keep it off social media. You always tried to calm him during his outburst on the show and held his hand while trying to find his father. He is narcissistic, no one can change him but himself. And sadly I don’t think he will change because he hasn’t all these years.
CARMELA: That is true, it’s ingrained in him, it’s who he is. He goes on social media saying whatever because he knows he has the power to get people to harass me and call me names. His hope is someone to take care of me, reason I say this is he threatens me this anytime “I don’t listen to him” or “I act up”. He gets people to feel bad and tells a story that’s 80% untruthful.

COMMENT: Him telling you what you want to hear is called The Hoover Maneuver. He sucked you right in. Some people have perfected it.
CARMELA: Every time I fell for it I was so disappointed in myself.

Return To Amish Carmela says Jeremiah is abusive and owes her money after break up

COMMENT: She has no children with Jeremiah so the least she should do is buy him out or sell the house and split the money. Just not right to buy a house then throw him out. Especially Jeremiah has dietbetes [sic] and can’t be stressed. Don’t be a user!
CARMELA: Buy him out of what? He did not buy anything. Except take, he’s projecting who HE is. This was my hard work! Not his.
Ask him for the truth. He did not put a cent in anything. He’s saying this to punish me, Because I’m tired of being his punching bag..

COMMENT: I’m sorry to hear. You both seem so happy. What I was talking about is if the house is in both names during the divorce the house is divided unless one of you buy out. But if you purchased and under your name then it’s yours. But of course the lawyer will give all legal details. Again sorry for what’s going on. You both had a bad start in life. Best to be happy and live your life the best you can.
CARMELA: It’s in my name, Jeremiah had his own money did what he wanted with his and I did what I wanted with mine..
For him to say I stole his money or stole his house a way for people to feel bad for him and hurt/ harass me. He’s just manipulating every one.. I feel sorry for whoever crosses his path.

COMMENT: Jeremiah didn’t contribute any money in the house, only Carmela.
CARMELA: Thank you! He didn’t put a cent or effort into this house.. He’s only saying this to get someone to hurt me, reason I say it is because he told me this would happen if I left. He’s not a nice person. I believed him too. It only got me hurt.

COMMENT: Right under this pic on my newsfeed is this… [Screen shot of Jeremiah’s post stating: “I understand everyone has an opinion and you’re gonna do what you want but can we please not go on her page saying rude or negative things?”]
CARMELA: He’s not this nice.. it was his intentions for people to come on my page and say rude things hence the reason he went live on social media with this lie of saying I took his house when I did not.. reason I know this is because I was warned he would do it by himself. If he truly cared he would be a honest person and tell the truth on how abusive he is and I did not take anything from him truth is he owes me so much money.. so please I understand how you believe him because I did too..but it got me hurt in many ways.

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