BREAKING AMISH Jeremiah Raber is living in his car after Carmela files restraining order

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber and Carmela break up yet again 2022

On again, off again, on again, off again, on again Breaking Amish couple Carmela and Jeremiah Raber are off again. Again. And, of course, the split went down in very dramatic fashion.

Just like most all of their previous break ups, Jeremiah Raber has been sharing a play-by-play on social media. In a series of Facebook videos, Jeremiah reveals that Carmela recently purchased a house in Washington state. Soon after moving in, Carmela got a restraining order and kicked Jeremiah out! Jeremiah is currently working for DoorDash until he can raise enough money to travel back to Ohio where his three children reside.

Carmela hasn’t posted much at all about the break up, preferring instead to enjoy her new, Jeremiah-free home in virtual silence.

She has shared a series of text graphics on Facebook, though. Most of them are in reference to being in a relationship with a liar and/or narcissist. Interestingly, these posts date back months.

A text graphic posted by Carmela in January reads: “Even the prettiest woman could feel insecure if she loves the wrong man. What makes her beautiful is a man who can treat her right.” The post received numerous comments, and Jeremiah couldn’t resist chiming in:
COMMENT: Ironic post considering you’re married to A psycho path but, OK.
JEREMIAH: Ironic comment considering the fact that you’re psycho enough to judge someone from their past.

COMMENT: No dear. It’s from years of the public abuse on your wife that was broadcast for the world to see. 😘
JEREMIAH: The past nor you defines who I am today. Let me guess, you probably claim to be a Christian while you sit and judge. If so then you just reminded me why I want no part of it because if I have to act like you to be one then I’m out.

Jeremiah On Split From Carmela

“For those of you that don’t know, Carmela and I split up,” Jeremiah explains in a Facebook video posted on March 17. “Sorry to the people that wanted us to stay together,” he adds later in the clip. “I wanted it to work. She didn’t. I’m not gonna fight any more. She never fought for it so why should I?”

Jeremiah, broadcasting from the front seat of his car, continues to express how taxing it was being the only one trying to make the marriage work. He says that he has been losing sleep, and the added stress has negatively impacted his diabetes, resulting in blurry vision.

He also says that Carmela’s concerns for his trial and tribulations during the most recent season of Return To Amish were not sincere. “Her fakeness about this being at my side through all this stuff — finding out about my family — she was only there because she was asked to be there. It’s not because she wanted to.”

Jeremiah says he’s unbothered by the restraining order. “It doesn’t mean anything anyways because I’m outta here,” he explains. In addition, Jeremiah says most all of the claims made by Carmela in the court filing were not recent. “Pretty much every single thing that was on there was old stuff from 5, 6 years ago.”

Normally, Jeremiah is not one to go down without a fight, but that appears to be exactly what he plans to do this time around. “I still have a lot of stuff at the house,” he admits. “She can keep it…As far as the divorce, I’m not gonna fight for anything. If she wants to give me my stuff back, cool. If not, cool.”

Jeremiah Gave Out Carmela’s Address

Jeremiah did a Facebook live video in which he gave out Carmela’s address repeatedly. That video is no longer available to view, but Jeremiah later confirmed that he gave out her address while arguing that it was OK because it was technically his address as well.

“You do understand that we’re still married?” he asks in a Facebook video posted on March 22 in response to those criticizing him for revealing Carmela’s address. “So that, technically, is still my address as well, regardless of how you look at it.”

It’s unclear whether or not Jeremiah’s name is on the deed for the house. He reportedly stated that Carmela purchased the house behind his back, which would seem to indicate that his name is not on the property.

Breaking Amish Jeremiah Raber is homeless, living in his car

Jeremiah Raber Is Homeless

As mentioned above, Jeremiah is currently homeless. “Yes, I’m in my car because I got thrown out like a dog,” he tells his Facebook followers. “She didn’t care. She didn’t care that I had no place to go.”

In his March 22 Facebook video, Jeremiah says that he stayed in a hotel for a few nights. However, he moved back into his car in hopes of saving money.

“It’s not that I don’t have the money for a hotel, but why spend it if I can just stay in the car for free, and save the money and use that money to get to Ohio?” Jeremiah asks. “So, once I get enough money saved up, then I am leaving this state and never looking back.”

If you’re curious how Jeremiah is raising money, he is currently working for DoorDash delivery service. I’m not sure what the DoorDash policy is in regards to their drivers living in their cars?

Jeremiah says he has a place lined up in Ohio where he can stay. He also says that he has some positive news to share once he gets to Ohio.

New Season of Return To Amish

Jeremiah did a Facebook live on March 22 that included a surprise appearance by Mama Mary Schmucker! Mary seems great as she share a few small updates on her life, as well as Rebecca and Abe Schmucker.

Abe and Rebecca have purchased a home and recently moved in. Also, Mary says that she was living in a camper until recently?! “We moved in our home finally after four months living in an RV,” she says.

After Mary leaves the live stream, Jeremiah responds to someone asking if there is going to be another season of Return To Amish. “A season has already been filmed,” Jeremiah reveals. “We’re waiting on TLC to put it out.”

If the season has already wrapped, that means the recent break up drama between Jeremiah and Carmela will not be included. That is unfortunate because I was hoping for another TLC montage of Starcasm stories about #Jermela like this one:

Jeremiah Has A House Waiting In Ohio

UPDATE! Jeremiah is live vlogging on the road to Ohio, and he revealed during a gas stop that he has a house waiting in Ohio. Despite the fact that he needed to work for days in order to raise a few hundred dollars to make the trip to Ohio, it seems someone was willing to do owner-financing on a house for him.

From Jeremiah:

The good news is: once I get to Ohio, I have a place to go to. Somebody in Ohio was very nice, and once I get there — it’s already in the process, by the way — but once I get there, everything’s gonna be finalized. I have a house that I am doing owner financing on. Somebody is doing owner financing for me for a house, meaning it’s through the owner — financing is done through the owner. So yeah, I’m gonna have my own house when I get there.

The payments are kinda, yeah, they’re low. That’s all I’ll say.

Once I get there, I’m going to be fixing it up. It is a four bedroom, two bathroom, 1,800-some square feet.

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