RETURN TO AMISH Jeremiah says $15k that Carmela ‘stole’ was her own money, both react to negative comments

Return To Amish Season 5 premiered Sunday night, and fans had a lot of catching up to do when it came to returning cast members Carmela and Jeremiah Raber!

The volatile couple experienced multiple explosive break ups since the last time they were on TV, including one instance in which Carmela dropped Jeremiah off to pay a utility bill, then drove off with $15,000 in cash that the two had just received from the sale of a property. And when I say “drove off,” I really mean drove off — as in drove from Florida to Washington state!

Show producers put together a wonderful montage recap of some of the drama, with narration by Jeremiah and Carmela. The two agree that money issues played a huge part in their relationship issues, including the infamous cash dash by Carmela.

Here’s a video of most of the awesome montage — of course, I could be jaded because it features no less than three Starcasm articles ☺️☺️☺️

Here are the articles featured in the Premiere:

RETURN TO AMISH Carmela and Jeremiah Raber divorce drama plays out on Facebook

RETURN TO AMISH Carmela and Jeremiah are back together

RETURN TO AMISH Carmela leaves Jeremiah Raber stranded, she takes $15k and runs off

After the Season 5 Premiere aired, Jeremiah and Carmela took to YouTube to share their reactions to the episode, as well as their reactions to comments made about the episode on social media — both good and bad. [Videos included below.] But, before the reactions began, Jeremiah filmed an intro by himself in which he made a clarification about what really happened when Carmela ran off with the $15,000 in cash:

OK, so there is one thing that I want to clear up. I did say that Carmela ran off with $15,000, which she did. But, the truth is she had paid for that property and technically that was her money. And I was wrong for getting mad, and making it public. Yeah. There’s not much to say other than that was actually her money and she had all the right to leave with it. I overreacted on it, and I apologize for that.

Carmela later addressed the incident in another of their reaction videos:

There was a lot of things in our relationship that were going bad at that time. One of these days I will make a video and be 100% truthful, and I think they [motioning at the camera] have a right to know, because, I mean, I can understand how it looks bad, but you know what? There’s a lot of reasons why somebody would do that, and if anybody knows me knows that I wouldn’t just steal somebody’s money and run off and leave him —

Jeremiah cut her off and said: “That’s for another video.”

As far as the episode reaction video, Jeremiah and Carmela talk about Jeremiah’s new Amish Donuts boss Ada, his Breaking Amish co-star and current nemesis Sabrina Burkholder, Mama Mary’s return to the Amish, and the new cast members. Here’s that video:

After watching and reacting to the episode, Jeremiah and Carmela responded to comments made on social media about the Premiere. Here are a few of the highlights from Jeremiah:


To us, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, stuff like that is actually fancy places.

…McDonald’s is what I go to. McDonald’s, Burger King. So, anything above that is fancy, and if you think it’s not, then you are a rich motherf**ker and stop degrading everyone else.


Unfortunately — for the people that want to bash us for arguing and fighting — unfortunately, you’re probably not in love.


Well, first of all, you guys — or a lot of you guys — think we’re so horrible because we say how we feel, OK? Nowadays, people are so freaking watered down and they’re such babies because they can’t handle the truth anymore, and when we speak, we actually are very blunt, we’re very open with our words, unlike most of you because you’re too scared. I mean, who cares? But, I mean, back in the day, everyone was blunt and everyone was able to handle it. Now everything’s so watered down and they want — everyone wants to boohoo.

In addition to the highlights above, the videos also cover a wide range of topics including:

Jeremiah’s claim that there is no “i” in marriage

What is Jeremiah’s current relationship with his children?

Jeremiah’s apparent difficulty pronouncing some words with three or more syllables (e.g. aperture, indigenous, etc.) Actually, this topic isn’t so much covered as it is revealed. Perhaps next week?

Here are the full videos — be sure to check them out to get Jeremiah and Carmela’s full reactions! (I must admit that I hope to see more of these throughout the season.)

Be sure to keep up with Jeremiah and Carmela — as well as the rest of the Return To Amish crew — with new episodes airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC! And if you happened to miss the premiere, just hop on over to (or download the TLC Go app) and catch up!

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