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SISTER WIVES Kody is ‘tender emotionally’ because Janelle prefers Christine over him

Plural marriage can be very complicated, especially when one of your wives divorced you without asking you first, and another one of your wives prefers your ex-wife over your company.

The first episode of Sister Wives Season 18, which appears to be set in early fall, 2021, starts with Kody Brown describing the state of the family as a “civil war.”

Christine Brown and her fiancé David eat nachos to shade Kody

Former polygamist Kody Brown was super disrespectful to his third wife Christine pretty much since the beginning. He even wrote in their book Becoming Sister Wives, (affiliate link) about he put off marrying her for a while because he was so grossed out by her eating nachos. Because of this popular Sister Wives lore, Christine’s new man David Woodley is sending a clear message by publicly indulging in the delicious snack on Christine’s birthday.