SISTER WIVES Christine Brown after split from Kody: ‘Life is great!’ VIDEO

Sister Wives Christine Brown talks Kody Brown split divorce

Sister Wives star Christine Brown announced last week that she was leaving her husband Kody Brown after 27 years of marriage. Christine’s statement was very positive, but it was just three sentences and didn’t go into too much detail. However, Christine opened up about the choice to leave Kody and her life since the break up in a new Cameo video!

“This decision was a long time coming,” Christine says near the beginning of the two-minute clip. (Video embedded below.) “I feel like a much better person divorced than I ever did,” she continues. “Life is so great!”

Christine then says that leaving Kody made her realize just how unnecessarily complicated her life was when married to him and her sister wives. “I had no idea life could be simple,” she says incredulously. “I was asking Mykelti, I’m, like, ‘Is life simple?” And she goes, ‘Yeah.'”

Christine asked Mykelti if “married life is simple” and her daughter’s response was an emphatic “Yes!”

“Life. Is. Simple,” Christine concludes.

The clearly energized and unabashedly joyful Christine then shared her positive worldview, and expressed her desire to maintain a good relationship with Kody. “It’s a phenomenal world,” she says. “It’s a whole new world, and I just hope that Kody and I can still remain friends during all of this.” She adds that she and Kody are still communicating, but she admits they have “good and bad days.”

“We have a life still, together, after this, because we have kids to raise,” Christine says of Kody. “And Truely’s eleven, so we have to just be good, and amiable, and things like that. And I think it’s just important to remember that.”

The split from Kody has enabled Christine to focus on the role that she most enjoys: motherhood. “I love being a mom,” she says. “I mean, I’m not a wife any more, so I mean, I was fine, great. But really being a mom is my favorite role ever.”

Christine reveals one of her favorite things to do with her kids. “I take ’em on dates, like individual dates.” She tells one story of being on a “date” with her son Paedon when he was eight years old. She recalls that there was a snowstorm or some other reason why they couldn’t go out. “We just sat on my bed and watched a movie, and ate popcorn on my bed. And he was so excited.”

Christine says there was a knock at the door and someone asked if they could come in. “And I said, ‘No. Paedon and I are on a date.’ … And I looked over at [Paedon] and he was just beaming! And he was just, like, ‘Thank you.’ It was so cute!”

The video concluded with an appreciative message from Christine. “Anyway, thank you for your support! You guys are awesome and I appreciate it! [Blows kiss.] Thanks! God bless.”

You can view the video on Christine’s Cameo profile, or watch it below via reddit:

If you wanted to see more incredibly joyful, post-Kody Christine, then I highly recommend you watch this Cameo video in which she sings Truely’s praises — literally! Christine sings “I am woman, hear me roar!”

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