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Christine Brown and her fiancé David eat nachos to shade Kody

Former polygamist Kody Brown was super disrespectful to his third wife Christine pretty much since the beginning. He even wrote in their book Becoming Sister Wives, (affiliate link) about he put off marrying her for a while because he was so grossed out by her eating nachos. Because of this popular Sister Wives lore, Christine’s new man David Woodley is sending a clear message by publicly indulging in the delicious snack on Christine’s birthday.

SISTER WIVES Gwendlyn confirms that Kody was never a present father for her like he is for Robyn’s kids

Gwendlyn Brown’s reaction to Season 17, Episode 10 of Sister Wives was very revealing about her experience with Kody Brown as a father. One of the most troubling revelations was Gwendlyn’s assertion that she considered Kody Brown’s spankings to be physically abusive. She also opened up about how painful it is to see him be a present father for Robyn’s kids when she did not get that kind of experience growing up.