SISTER WIVES Did Kody get COVID from the nanny?

The nanny has been a central figure in the disintegration of the Brown family. Kody Brown settled down at Robyn’s house and stayed away from his other wives and kids for nine months after COVID-19 hit, and had poor communication about what needed to be done in order to see more of his large family. He even refused to quarantine for his daughter Ysabel’s spinal surgery because he didn’t want to be away from Robyn and her kids for more than a few days. Christine exposed to the cameras that Kody and Robyn had a nanny the entire time and asked what the nanny did so she could come into their home. Kody responded by handing out a strict list of COVID protocols that he said the nanny followed. A teaser for next week’s episode reveals that the nanny and her husband tested positive for COVID despite following these rules. We know Kody contracted COVID-19 at some point in 2021. Did he catch COVID from the nanny?

In the preview clip shown at the end of tonight’s episode (which is currently streaming on Peacock,) Robyn reveals that her “child care provider” called to let her know both she and her husband had tested positive for COVID. It then cuts to Christine saying, “We’re done. We’re not gonna hang out again.”

This may be in response to the COVID exposure, but it’s also revealed that Kody told Christine he no longer wanted an intimate relationship with her. She responds by packing up all of his things in her house and putting them in boxes in the garage.

In a Cameo, Kody revealed that he had had a rough time with COVID-19 this year. Right now it’s unknown how he got COVID, or if he possibly got COVID from the nanny. If he did, it would be ironic because Robyn and Kody quarantined together with Robyn’s kids in her house for most of 2020 with very limited contact with any other family members. This whole time, however, the nanny was coming in and out of their home.

Things got so serious that Kody called his daughter Ysabel’s spinal surgery in New Jersey a “vacation” multiple times, and said he wanted to evict his sons Gabe and Garrison from their mother’s house because they had jobs and social lives. On top of it it all, Kody put aside his and Robyn’s COVID rules to go to Janelle’s mother Sheryl’s funeral before Christmas. Sheryl married Kody’s father before he married Janelle, so she was also his stepmother. (Furthermore, Janelle was previously his sister-in-law before she married Kody as she was married to Meri’s brother.)

Kody briefly quarantined with Janelle after the funeral but was able to quickly return to Robyn’s house because of COVID rapid testing. The rapid testing also allowed Janelle and the rest of the family still in Flagstaff to join Robyn and Kody for Christmas 2020.

In a revealing moment, Kody said that if he tested positive for COVID and was unable to return home to Robyn’s house for Christmas, she would never forgive him. This suggests that Robyn has a bigger role in the rules, (and the subsequent keeping the rest of the family apart,) than the narrative Kody and Robyn have been trying to present. The fact that they waited so long to even explain their rules to the rest of the family, or to allow Meri over despite the fact that she would spend months at a time alone, seem to indicate that the issue was more about control than anything else.

Kody’s conversation with Gabe in this episode also reveals the deep breakdown in communication and leadership on Kody’s part. Gabe poured his heart out to his father and showed he had been willing to work with his father about this all along. At one point he was even moved to tears, but Kody only responded to his son’s vulnerability with anger.

Kody was also shocked to hear that Gabe saw Christine as a primary parental figure because she had raised him when he was younger. Kody tried to diminish Christine’s role by saying all that stopped after the family moved to Vegas, but Gabe responded that he would still see Christine two-to-three times a week even after the move. All of Janelle’s six kids have a similar bond with Christine and her kids, so it only makes sense that they would want to form a “pod” with them when COVID hit. It also demonstrated a genuine “polygamy perk” that the family always used to advertise: that their kids would have more than one mother figure in their lives. Kody seemed genuinely upset, instead of proud or supportive, about this positive family dynamic, probably because of his unbridled resentment of Christine.

If Kody got COVID from Robyn’s nanny after all of this family drama, it probably only further deepened the cracks in the Brown family

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