SISTER WIVES Christine Brown and Nachos explained

When Christine Brown announced her long-anticipated divorce from Kody Brown, many Sister Wives fans celebrated with nachos. But why?

While nachos are a tasty snack, their presence in Sister Wives lore is steeped in sadness. It all started in May 2012 when the Brown family published a memoir they co-wrote. Early in the book Kody revealed how he was repulsed by Christine during their courtship when she ordered nachos during a road trip. He was so disgusted that he “put the brakes” on their relationship for a while because of it.

The passage is on 53 of Becoming Sister Wives (affiliate link:)

“When we set out on our road trip, I was convinced that Christine was the cutest girl in the world, although she was a little chubby. Back then, I was young and superficial enough to care about physical appearances. After we’d been on the road all night, we stopped at a gas station. I’d been drinking soda pop to stay awake and my stomach felt sour and upset. Just thinking about food made me queasy.

Christine went into the Quickie Mart and bought herself what seemed like the largest portion of chili cheese nachos that I’d ever seen. The sight of those nachos turned my stomach. I couldn’t watch her eat them. She must have been starving, because she was eating so quickly, and there was chili sauce and nacho cheese everywhere.

Looking back, I hate myself for the thoughts I had at that moment, but the sight of this chubby girl in my car devouring chili cheese nachos for breakfast put the brakes on our relationship. It brought out the most superficial and shallowest side of me. I still liked her–in fact, I liked her very much–but the nacho experience cooled my attraction a little–well, a lot.”

In Christine’s section, she wrote that at the time she’d had no idea Kody had been so “grossed out” by her nachos.

Kody was confronted by his comments on the reunion special the season the book came out, and his response was still not flattering to Christine. He admitted that he had not been attracted to her from the start.

Christine laughed about the “nacho cheese incident” when it was brought up, but Kody got pretty serious when he was asked if he was grossed out.

“I will be honest, I was not attracted to Christine in any kind of physical sense,” Kody answered, quite bluntly. “I mean, I look back in retrospect and I wonder ‘Was that fair?’ but I can’t even look there because we have children together, we have a life together, we have a relationship and we’ve found our sweet spot.”

The interviewer then clarified, “So you were not physically attracted to Christine.”

Kody replied, “That’s an understatement.”

“You were grossed out by her?” the interviewer asked.

“I won’t say that, but the nachos grossed me out enough to go ‘Ok, I’m waiting to marry her,'” Kody said.

Christine said that it “hurt” and was “horrible” to hear Kody say these things. Kody’s response was far from romantic and loving. It must really sting to hear your husband of two decades say on national television it’s an “understatement” to say that he wasn’t attracted to you when you first met him.

Given this context, it’s no wonder that Sister Wives fans are happy that Christine can now have her nachos in peace, either alone or with someone who will appreciate her and can enjoy them with her.

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