Author: Bubba Scarce

SISTER WIVES Christine Brown’s bookshelf tells us A LOT about her relationship issues with Kody

The Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere was almost entirely comprised of a conversation between Kody Brown and Christine Brown as they discussed their failing relationship after 27 years of marriage. A lot is revealed in what is said between the estranged spouses, but there is even more to unpack from the scenes if you read between the Browns. Keep reading for details on 15 of the books on Christine’s bookshelf, which seem to paint a clear portrait of a woman who has put A LOT of time and effort into learning how to value herself: her emotions, her feelings, her desires, and her happiness.

PHOTOS Tiger Woods Accident Report plus recap of reports from November 27

Golf superstar and global icon Tiger Woods is in serious condition after his 2009 Escalade was involved in a single car accident in Central Florida. The Florida State Highway Patrol reports that his vehicle hit a tree not far from his home at 6348 Deacon Circle. Get a play-by-play recap of how the story played out in the press, and see the actual police report from the accident!