SISTER WIVES Robyn doesn’t think Christine and Kody are divorced

Although Christine Brown believes she is spiritually divorced from Kody Brown, her former sister wife Robyn doesn’t think the divorce is legit because it wasn’t done through the church.

On Part 2 of the Sister Wives Season 16 One-on-One special (airing tonight, and streaming right now on Discovery +) interview host Sukanya Krishnan asks Robyn Brown about Christine’s situation.

Robyn replies, “Christine says they’re divorced.” She then deeply sighs before adding, “But, technically in my head they’re not because our marriage was done by church officials and they haven’t granted them a divorce.”

Christine tells Sukanya that in their church, which is the AUB (Apostolic United Brethren) wives can leave their marriage if “things” are working, but they have to go through the proper channels to get released. Christine, however, says she has not been a member of this church for “a long time.” She has no interest in the church, and doesn’t care about their “ecclesiastical authorities.” Her personal belief is that “God’s fine if I just want to be happy.” Christine says she doesn’t need someone else to tell her that her marriage is over.

Kody tells Sukanya Krishnan that Christine isn’t always married to him in their faith because she doesn’t believe it. He says he’s “comfortable” with where she’s at. When Sukanya asks Kody if Christine will go into the afterlife with him, Kody says that’s not necessarily true because God had the ultimate authority. Even though his religion says that she wouldn’t, Kody believes that “God sorts these things out.”

Kody says that since Christine doesn’t believe in their religion anymore, she is now “free from that yoke of bondage.”

Sukanya tells Christine that Robyn “feels very sad” about Christine’s divorce, and Christine says that Robyn is “very sweet,” and “it’s not fun breaking people’s hearts.” She says it tore her apart to break people’s hearts.

At the very end of the episode, Christine states very clearly that she and Kody are divorced, and are completely separate in life.

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