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SISTER WIVES UPDATE Christine sees Janelle MORE since leaving the family

Sister Wives viewers assumed Christine Brown’s strained relationships with her sister wives, Meri, Janelle and Robyn, was a contributing factor to her decision to leave the family. Now it appears she may just have been trying to ditch Kody!

Sister Wives to address Meri and Kody Brown’s divorce in next week’s episode?

The Brown family of TLC's hit polygamist reality series Sister Wives made headlines last week when it was revealed that family patriarch Kody Brown had legally divorced his first wife Meri in September, 2014 and then, in December, he legally married his fourth wife, Robyn. The Brown family issued a very brief statement after the story broke, referring to the change as a move to "legally restructure our family," but have otherwise not revealed the motivation behind their decision. However, it appears as though the issue will be addressed on upcoming episodes of the show, starting next week!

Sister Wives: Robyn’s debts almost keeps the family from being approved for home loans

On last night’s Season 4 premiere episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, the family dealt with the stress of going through pre-approval for home loans so they could move forward in buying the four lots in a cul-de-sac they had their eyes on. The family has been living sort of far away from each other ever since they moved to Vegas, and wanted to have closer living quarters so their children could be able to spend more time and bond with their siblings. They worried about potential problems with Jenelle’s credit, but it was Robyn’s debt from her former marriage that really had the family worried.