SISTER WIVES Kody says Christine blames him for Truely’s kidney failure

Kody Brown’s slide into utter disharmony with his family continues with Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives. In the episode, Kody says he wants to evict his sons Garrison and Gabe from Janelle’s house and tries to explain why he’s being so Draconian with his rules: he says he’s going to hate “a bunch of” people in his family if one of them dies from COVID. He then brings up that he thinks one of the reasons Christine hates him is because she thinks he was negligent with Truely when she developed life-threatening kidney failure in 2014.

‘I think Christine hates me partly because Truely almost died,” Kody says. “And she thought that I had been negligent. Okay. Changes relationships.”

In 2014, when the family was living in Las Vegas, the wives all took a trip together to San Francisco. While they were away Kody was the adult in charge. During this time Truely came down with the flu. Vy the time Christine came home, Truely was extremely lethargic. Christine took her to the hospital after she went cross-eyed, where they learned that Truely was in kidney failure. It’s been speculated that Truely entered kidney failure because she didn’t take in enough liquids while she had the flu. You can read more about the timeliness of these events presented on Sister Wives here.

Kody says he has never brought up this issue of Christine blaming him for Truely’s life-threatening situation before because he says until now he felt like he didn’t have to make the argument for the COVID rules “so forcefully.”

“I don’t want to have one of my children die,” he says. “And then me hate the people who weren’t doing the rules, and then end up in a divorce with whoever’s child died.” Of course, now we know that Kody ended up in a divorce anyway, but thankfully no one died. He also ended up with COVID-19 eventually.

It could be argued, with the way Kody has been behaving lately on the show, that he already has a great disdain for members of his family. The way he regards his sons Gabe and Garrison seems to suggest that he would rather throw them on the streets than try to rebuild his relationships with him.

Kody also told Christine that he was jealous that she was giving herself the option of traveling to Utah to visit her children for Thanksgiving. At that time, Janelle and the three of her kids still at home were also planning to travel with Christine to Utah. According to previews, it looks like Janelle didn’t make it to Utah, but she and her kids also weren’t allowed to have Thanksgiving at Kody and Robyn’s house. Meri was/em> invited to this event at Robyn and Kody’s even though she usually is not allowed over.

At their pre-Thanksgiving meeting, Meri pointed out that she’s jealous of others too because she sees people post photos of themselves on social media meeting up and hugging each other. Meri says she misses hugs and hanging out. In confessional, Meri says that she feels like the rules don’t really matter because she follows them and hasn’t left her house in months, but she still isn’t allowed to be around Kody, Robyn, and their kids.

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