SISTER WIVES Who is Christine’s employee?

On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives Kody reveals that Christine has an “employee.” He drops this in while talking about how their COVID precautions have an “economic” angle in that some of them have people they work with that could be exposed. This seems to be some sort of retaliation for the fact that Christine outed that he and Robyn had a nanny coming in and out of the home, who Kody called an “employee.” Linking the word “employee” to both situations, especially surrounding COVID protocols, implies that Christine also had someone coming in and out of her home too. It turns out that Christine’s employee does remote work for her MLM businesses and is not a nanny or housekeeper that comes into her home, so it isn’t comparable to Robyn’s employee.

Christine didn’t meet her assistant Jamie Ryter in person for a long while. In August, 2021, they finally met up for the first time, which was almost a year after this episode was filmed.

According to this Reddit post, which references a Facebook post from Christine, Jaime assists Christine with LuLaRoe sales and manages Christine’s LuLaRoe Facebook group.

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