SISTER WIVES What was Christine Brown’s night job in Utah?

Sister Wives Christine Brown job

During the dramatic Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere, Kody Brown and Christine Brown have a lengthy conversation about the state of their relationship. The heated discussion includes the spouses’ different opinions on when things began to sour between them.

Christine says their relationship started going bad when she was pregnant with her daughter Truely, and part of why things went bad was a surprising bit of information: Christine was working a night job!

Here’s the full quote from Christine during her confessional, followed by Kody’s response during his confessional:

CHRISTINE: Where mine and Kody’s marriage started to disintegrate is actually when I was pregnant with Truely. I was overwhelmed with everything. I still had to, like, produce some kind of income, so I was working at night. And Aspyn, in fifth grade, was tucking the kids in bed at night. Ten years old, running the house after I’d leave for work. And I asked Kody, I said, “I need your help.” And he goes, “I can’t do that. I’m in other houses.” I’m, like, “We live in one house. You just can’t come over and tuck my kids in bed, and talk to them, and put them in bed?” And he said, “No. I just can’t.”

KODY: She says that, and that never happened. I don’t know what she’s talking about. As I look back on this and I analyze what she’s saying, she wasn’t wanting a fairness with the other wives, she was wanting more — because she was asking for stuff that I couldn’t give her, because I had other wives and other children to be tending to as well.

So much for “love should be multiplied and not divided.”

What was Christine Brown’s Night Job?

Exactly six weeks before Truely Brown was born on April 13, 2010, Christine Brown filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. One of the requirements for filing for bankruptcy is listing your employer(s) and income, and also how long you have worked there.

Christine reveals that she was a partnership assistant for the US Census regional office in Denver, Colorado at the time that she filed for bankruptcy in March of 2010. She also indicates that she had worked for the US Census for four months.

The document was filed on March 2, but was signed by Christine on February 9. If you do the math, that means Christine started that job when she was roughly 14 weeks pregnant with Truely. I assume this is the job she is referencing during the Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere.

What is a partnership assistant for the US Census? I did some research and couldn’t come up with a specific job description, but the job likely entailed conducting phone surveys and/or performing data entry. In 2010 it probably wasn’t an option to do those tasks remotely from home. I assume there was an office in or near Salt Lake City?

If you’re curious how much money Christine was making, she states on the bankruptcy filing that she made roughly $1,200 a month before taxes. Christine also states in the filing that she received about half that monthly amount in food stamps.

The filing does not mention TLC or the show as a source of income for Christine. That makes sense given that reality show cast members usually do not get paid until after the episodes air. Christine was obviously filming while pregnant with Truely, but the first season of Sister Wives didn’t air on TLC until September of 2010.

Christine’s total debt at the time of the bankruptcy filing was the relatively low amount of just over $25,000. When Kody and Meri filed for bankruptcy in 2005, they claimed more than $225,000 in liabilities. According to court documents, Robyn owed roughly $32,000 to multiple retailers like Victoria’s Secret and Target when she divorced her first husband, David Jessop, in 2007.

Christine currently has new job of sorts as she is involved with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies selling products online and recruiting additional sellers. She is also on Cameo offering personalized videos!

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