Sister Wives Did Kody Brown and Christine break up? Did she move back to Utah?

Sister Wives Did Kody Brown and Christine Brown break up?

It has been an incredibly difficult season for Kody Brown and his four sister wives, culminating in an incredibly dramatic finale that ***SPOILER ALERT*** hints that Christine Brown may be leaving Kody and her three sister wives behind.

The season finale was filmed last summer, so what has happened in the mean time? Did Christine leave Kody?

There is reportedly another season of Sister Wives on the way, so the family has not revealed anything publicly that confirms or denies Christine’s departure. And thanks to the plural marriage, it’s not as though we can look up their divorce filing like we did when we were the first to report on Kody and Meri’s 2014 divorce.

However, there is some evidence online that can provide some hints.

Kody removed from deed to Christine’s house

Kody and Christine purchased a house together in Flagstaff in September of 2018. That is the house Christine is living in on the show.

In August of last year, a title company drew up a warranty deed transferring full ownership of the house to Christine. Kody signed the document on October 30, and it was officially recorded on November 6. I am guessing this will be a big part of the couple’s story next season, especially since there was more than two months between the date that the deed was drawn up and Kody signing it.

Sister Wives Christine Brown removes Kody Brown from house deed

Kody and Christine initially paid $520,000 for the property, and spent $130,000 on the down payment. That left a $390,000 mortgage.

Christine’s new mortgage amount is $394,000, which is an increase of $4,000.

Christine is still listed along with Kody as the owner of their portion of the Coyote Pass property. They bought this portion of the property for $300,000 in June of 2018 and paid for it in full with cash at the time of purchase.

Christine is still living in Flagstaff

Despite expressing her desire to return to Utah on the show, Christine appears to still be living in her Flagstaff house. Aside from her trips to be with her daughter Mykelti and granddaughter Avalon Asa, all of Christine’s Instagram photos and videos appear to be shot at the Flagstaff property.

Here’s a photo taken just outside her front door and posted on March 16:

Christine is still wearing her ring

Given that producers and cast members don’t want to give away many spoilers, it’s difficult to read too much into whether or not Christine is still wearing her wedding ring. That being said, Christine is still wearing it.

Here she is in a photo posted on March 4:

Here’s a video of Christine from January 30 in which she isn’t wearing her ring, but she’s doing her hair and appears to not have any jewelry on at all:

To find out for sure whether or not Christine has left Kody and her sister wives, we’ll all just have to tune in when the show returns to TLC for another season. Hopefully there won’t be another huge delay between real time and air time again.

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