VIDEO Sister Wives returns January 7 – watch the first preview trailer!

Sister Wives Maddie pregnant reveal

It has been a loooooooooong time since Sister Wives fans have been able to get their polygamy drama fix with a new episode, but that is all about to change come January 7 when the Brown family returns for a brand new season!

This season fans will see the post-whirlwind-romance wedding of Mykelti and Tony, as well as the bathtub birth of Maddie’s son Axel.

It also looks as though another of the Brown daughters will be dealing with a very serious scoliosis diagnosis. The X-ray shown in the preview features a spine that looks frighteningly crooked, but it’s possible that the X-ray is someone else’s being used as an example.

Kody and his ex-wife Meri (I say that only because I can, technically) continue to try to mend their marriage, but it looks like Kody is having a difficult time getting back to where they once were emotionally (and physically?).

Sister Wives Kody Brown Meri relationship quote

Speaking of Meri, she throws the biggest curveball in the teaser as she announces her desire to open a bed and breakfast?! We are shown a photo of rather elaborate Victorian house that I assume would be the proposed home of the B&B. In the network’s brief description of the new sesaon, it states that “Meri has her eye on a family heirloom, and that’s not all!” I don’t think a large Victorian home could be considered an heirloom, but maybe? UPDATE – Apparently it can! Click here to read about Meri’s bed and breakfast located in a home built in 1870 by her great-grandma!

The Brown parents also continue their history-making crusade for the legalization of Polygamy and/or cohabitation in Utah by participating in a protest at the state capitol. In case you missed it, the Browns won a huge legal battle with their lawsuit against the state with a judge ruling that Utah’s anti-cohabitation laws were unconstitutional, but the decision was later overturned on appeal. (You should read up on it, it really is historically significant — and fascinating.)

The new season of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, January 7th at 8/7c on TLC!

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