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Is there a Kardashian family church? Religious endeavors raise eyebrows

The Kardashian family seems to attract controversy no matter what it does, and the Kardashian family church is certainly no exception. Kris Jenner’s involvement with the California Community Church–which has undergone at least one name change and hired at least one pastor with a sketchy past since coming to her attention–operates out of a Los Angeles-area storefront, often holds services in a hotel, and has been accused of being nothing more than a Kardashian tax haven.

Kim Kardashian body double controversy continues with alleged model’s comments

The "Does Kim Kardashian have a body double" question has found new life, thanks to a series of photos that appear to depict a slim Turkish model standing in for Kim while the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras roll. We first reported on the controversy a few days ago, as the story went wide; now, a new report and an update from the model herself appear to explain what was really going on. As always, though, unanswered questions remain–read on to see whether you believe the explanation!

PHOTOS Kim Kardashian appears to be using a body double for new KUWTK episodes

The existence of a Kim Kardashian body double has been known to fans (and detractors) of the family for months. Now, though, it appears that Kim decided to put her double in front of cameras for the first time: photographers recently caught what looks like the stand-in posing for Kim during filming for new episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Check out the photos to see for yourself!

REPORT Amber Rose wants $10 million to keep Kanye’s secrets: What does she know?

What secrets do Amber Rose and Kanye West share together–and are they worth an eight-figure ransom? Those are the questions that Kanye's fans (and, presumably, Kanye himself) are asking, thanks to a series of reports which allege Amber is demanding $10 million from Kanye or she'll go public with what she knows. After this year's "fingers-in-the-bum" Twitter scrap, what more could there possibly be to learn about Kanye?

Kim and Kanye are definitely getting a divorce, unless they totally aren’t

The Kim and Kanye divorce is closer than ever before–unless, of course, it isn't. Conflicting reports about the pair's disillusion have fans scratching their heads; and Kim and Kanye themselves have yet to offer an official comment on the state of their relationship, though they've offered a bevy of potential clues over the past few weeks. Read the tea leaves!

P!nk, Amber Rose, Sharon Osbourne, Ariel Winter, Bella Thorne weigh in on Kim Kardashian nude selfie

Forget Trump or Cruz. Don't worry about Hillary or Bernie. The real issue dividing Americans right now (or assorted celebrities anyway) is Kim Kardashian's recent share of a nude selfie! It seems like just about everybody has an opinion, including us, and they aren't having any problem sounding off about it publicly. Here's the latest.

Read Kim Kardashian’s essay on slut shaming her nude selfie and her sex tape

Late last night, Kim Kardashian posted a censored nude selfie–and, of course, the world collectively lost its s**t, as Kim once again became the most talked-about person on the planet. After being uncharacteristically defensive against some of the more famous critics of her photo, Kim penned a lengthy essay in response to her detractors, especially those who insist to continually bring up her 13-year-old sex tape with Ray J. Keep reading for her entire essay, as well as our take on it, which is pretty much 100% #TeamKim.

Kim Kardashian slams Bette Midler, Chloë Moretz over nude selfie row

Early yesterday morning Kim Kardashian tweeted out a nude selfie to her gazillion followers. With it being Kim nekkid and all, the share got lots of attention. Among those who had something not so nice to say were celebrities Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz. These barbs didn't go unnoticed as Kim went full Kanye in a next-level Twitter rant, putting Bette, Chloë and even Piers Morgan on blast!

Chloë Grace Moretz put Kim Kardashian on blast over nude selfie share

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz tossed some feminist Twitter shade at Kim Kardashian after the latter attempted to break the internet again by tweeting a nude selfie early this morning. The image was captioned,  "When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL." We all know Kim K. naked ain't nothing new around these parts, but Moretz certainly was in no mood to laugh out loud about the situation.