PHOTO Kim Kardashian in preschool at four years old!

Kim Kardashian preschool photo from when she was four years old

The always fun Kim Kardashian decided to go old school preschool by posting up a photo of herself from the Buckley School when she was only four years old! For those of you hoping there was some point in Kim’s life when she wasn’t absolutely adorable, I’m sorry to say you will be greatly disappointed. You will also be disappointed to find out she was a child fashion prodigy, looking spot-on in in a stylish Buckley crested jacket and over-sized sassy red bow with white polka dots. Ah, and she was born with that perfect skin, too. Sorry to disappoint all you Kim haters!

Actually, it’s a cell phone photo Kim took while visiting her mother’s house – here’s the lowdown from Kim’s website:

I was at mom’s house last week to see if she had any oldschool pics I hadn’t shown you guys yet and saw this framed pic on one of her side tables so took a pic with my phone! That’s my school class pic from Buckley School where Rob graduated from! I was in preschool… only four years old! We had to wear those uniforms everyday. Maybe I should try to bring back the polka dot bow look! Hahaha!

Please do bring back the polka dot bow look!

I figured this photo merited a new nickname for Kim, but there were so many ways to go with it that I had a difficult time deciding. Should I call her Kid Kardashian? How about Lil’ Kim Kardashian, or even Kim Kidashian? But then it hit me – though slightly inaccurate (by one year), it’s still perfect: Kim Kindergardashian!

Make sure you check out Kim’s blog over on celebuzz – she’s always posting up fun photos and stuff! Thanks Kim!

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