PHOTOS Kim Kardashian in a Princess Jasmine Halloween costume

Kim Kardashian as Jasmine

Good gracious! These pictures of Kim Kardashian in a Princess Jasmine costume will leave no doubt in your mind that she is about the crazy-curviest woman on the planet! (No disrespect Kelly Brook.)

I was just doing a celebrity costume post last night on AnnaLynne McCord’s sexy Batgirl outfit and I commented on the fact that the celebrity women didn’t seem to be going for the scantily clad sexy look this Halloween – much to my dismay. I was still holding out hope for Kim though, because she always seems to have some sexy fun this time of year! (I still can’t get that Wonder Woman costume she wore out of my head or fantasies!) And boy oh boy did she deliver! (Much better than her sister’s attempt at The Little Mermaid.)

Kim has such exotically beautiful features and they’re a perfect fit for Aladdin’s princess! That satiny light blue with gold and the shear fabric and the……

While I rub my lamp and try to summon a Kim Kargenie, you can look at more pictures of Kim in the gallery: (Click the thumbnails for larger images)


Far be it for me to complain about photos of Kim in a Jasmine costume, but I do wish they were a little bit less blurry. Kim, you should take donations on your site to pay for a professional photographer to document these history-changing events!

See more Kim and “All That Jasmine” over at Kim Kardashian’s blog – you know you have to look!

UPDATE! Kim changed costumes Halloween night and made a later appearance at her half-sister Kendall Jenner’s 14th birthday party in a Snow White costume! CLICK HERE to see those slightly less revealing (but still sexy!) pictures.

(I did it! I wrote this entire post without making reference to Kim’s infamous badonka-donk! And, I never intentionally misspelled the Princess’s name as “Jassmine!” I am such a decent person.)

SPECIAL FEATURE! Did you want to attempt the Princess Jasmine look at home? Kim Kardashian fan (and look-a-like) Katrina Lomidze offers up her step-by-step makeup advice on her blog. What she doesn’t offer is step-by-step instructions on obtaining a smokin’ hot Jasmine physique:

Model Katrina Lomidze in a Jasmine costume

The sexy Katrina Lomidze dressed as Princess Jasmine for Halloween

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