PHOTOS Kendall Jenner outshines Kim Kardashian while shopping in Beverly Hills?

Kendall Jenner shopping with half-sister Kim Kardashian

It is usually attention suicide to be in the same frame as Kim Kardashian when the shutter clicks, but half-sister Kendall Jenner did the seemingly impossible when she was photographed out shopping with Kim yesterday and not only holds her own but seemingly steals the spotlight!

The 15-year-old model is a bit on the skinny side and doesn’t possess all the abundant assets of her older sister, but she more than makes up for it with confidence, style and brute height! I hate to say this – and it may cost me my membership and position on the board of the Kim Kardashian Lovers of America Club – but in contrast to Kendall, Kim’s backside in this next photo puts the “rump” in “frumpy:”

Kim Kardashian shopping with half-sister Kendall Jenner

I won’t further blasphemise the unassailable beauty of the KK with specifics, but let me just say that in the next photo Kim and Kendall look related, but not like sisters:

Model Kendall Jenner and half-sister Kim Kardashian shopping in Beverly Hills

Not just in a desperate attempt to redeem myself in the eyes and minds of my fellow Kim admirers, let me put forth the theory that this was all intentional on the part of Kim and that she put a great deal of effort and money into debeautification products and attire in order to help her little sister out. Whatya think? Whatever you think, that’s the theory I’m going with because it’s the only one in which the world still makes sense!

Model Kendall Jenner shopping in Beverly Hills

**** Of course I realize Kendall Jenner is just 15. My compliments are merely pointing out that she is a beautiful young girl and she does seem to possess a great deal of poise, a combination that should allow her to fully capitalize on the fame of her family. Plus, her stylishness seems completely void of the “Pretty Wild” trappings we so often see in celebrity children this age – yet another positive sign that she will be a true pop culture celebutante and subject of hundreds of stories on blogs like this one in the coming years, but not because she was arrested again for possession of black tar heroin or shacking up with Charlie Sheen.

You forgive me Kim – right?

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