VIDEO PHOTO Kim Kardashian joins Prince on stage at Madison Square Garden concert

Prince and Kim Kardashian at Madison Square Garden

Prince was in the middle of his Madison Square Garden concert Monday night when he began inviting people on stage to dance with him, and one of the lucky chosen ones was none other than Kim Kardashian! Prince picked her out of what must have been the VIP section and Kim climbed the steps to join him, but she failed to get her groove on so Prince was forced to jokingly dismiss her. He then announced to the crowd, “Welcome to America!”

Kim tweeted the above photo with the caption, “I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!”

UPDATE – A couple more shots of P and K from SplashNews:

Kim Kardashian joins Prince on stage February 7, 2011

Prince invites Kim Kardashian on stage during Madison Square Garden concert

Here’s an audience video from YouTube capturing the historic moment:

She may have frozen on stage, but Kim reminded everyone that she is celebrity royalty by wearing a dress suitable for a face card! The geometric red yellow and black patterned look and Kim’s black hair would make for a perfect Queen of Spades dontcha think? Here she is just after the show on her way to Darby nightclub:

Kim Kardashian on her way to a nightclub after the Madison Square Garden Prince concert

I even took the time to put together a mock-up of what the Kim Kardashian Queen of Spades card would look like:

Kim Kardashian's dress-inspired Queen of Spades face card

If there were a deck of celebrity cards the Queen of Spades sounds just about right for Kim. Sandra Bullock could be the Queen of Hearts, Paris Hilton the Queen of Diamonds and Lindsay Lohan the Queen of Clubs! (Heh heh – get it? Clubs!) Actually, Kim is no stranger to looking like a face card having dressed up as a sexy version of the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland this past Halloween.

Oh, if there are any venture capitalists out there want to invest money in the “celebrity deck,” feel free to drop us a line!