PHOTOS Kim Kardashian shops for wedding dress at Vera Wang

Kim Kardashian at Vera Wang

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the news but Kim Kardashian is getting married! Oh and Prince William married some chick named Kate too! I keed of course as it seems like the whole world knows about Kim K’s upcoming nuptials with NBA baller Kris Humphries.

There’s been much talk about how the queen of reality TV wants her wedding to be huge, like wicked mega big, like maybe even bigger than the aforementioned William and Kate’s “I do’s.” Well if that’s the case than one of the most important “news items” that will be discussed this year will be her wedding dress and I just so happen to have photos of THE ONE! There I go kidding again, I don’t have that because men in black would come take me away to reality Guantanamo but I do have photos of the future Mrs. Humphries shopping for wedding dresses at Vera Wang in New York City!

Here’s an image of Kim along with her sister Kourtney inside Vera Wang with camera crew in tow apparently discussing gown options for her big day. I’ll add that it certainly looks like it could be Vera herself talking with Kim. I can’t be sure from behind like I would be if it were Kim of course.

Kim Kardashian wedding dress Vera Wang

I know with all this latest x-ray of her backside to get people to hush up about her tushy that it would be in poor taste to make another joke now. It wouldn’t? Great! I wonder what the cost is going to be to have Vera custom fit the dress for Kim’s rear? It could very well be the famed designer’s challenge of a lifetime and I guarantee that ample piece of fabric will be the most scrutinized in Wang’s storied career.

If you’re an ignorant dude like me let me tell you, some ladies would kill for a Vera original on that most important of days. Here are just a few of the stars that have worn Wang down the aisle, Chelsea Clinton, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone and Uma Thurman. It looks like you can add Kim Kardashian to that list.

UPDATE: That definitely is Vera Wang because the following photo came across my feed as soon as I hit “post!”

Kim Kardashian to wear Vera Wang on wedding day

Photos: Jason Winslow / Splash News