PHOTOS Kim Kardashian with corn rows

Kim Kardashian with corn rows

Kim Kardashian got an early start on 2011 with an edgy new look! The 30-year old style maven swapped out her usual lusciously elegant hairdos for a tough mama set of corn rows!

Being a knowledgeable celebrity blogologist I think I can offer up an educated guess and speculate that Kim’s new badasstastic look is for her music video with Kanye West, which TMZ first reported on Wednesday. Kim and Kanye along with uber music video producer Hype Williams were filming on a closed set for what is assumed to be a music video for Kim’s debut single off of her closely guarded debut album.

Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles with her new braided corn rows

Kim Kardashian shows off her new braided corn rows

Hype isn’t the only superstar producer working with Kim on the project, she also has music producer extraordinaire The Dream. Unless Kim sings worse than her namesake Kim Zolciak I just don’t see how they are going to screw this one up! Hype Williams, The Dream, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian shakin’ her money maker! Where do I invest?!?

Here’s one more Kim Kardashian corn row photo to whet your appetite until we finally get to see the video:

Kim Kardashian's new corn rows viewed from the side