Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Damon Thomas physically abused her, ordered her to get liposuction

Damon Thomas was reality star Kim Kardashian's first husband

Years before Kim Kardashian was the headliner of her family’s reality-lifestyle brand, she was a relatively unknown socialite who eloped with a kind-of big-time music producer named Damon Thomas, pictured left in the pic above. Kim doesn’t talk about this time in her life often (they were married from 2000-2004), and The Daily Mail (via PopEater) has recently unearthed Kim’s 2003 divorce papers that chronicle some very shocking physical and emotional abuse.

For starters, Damon was very demanding. He ordered Kim to respond to his very whim, including making him dinner when he came home at 4:30 a.m. He also has strict guidelines about her body, and gave her over $4,000 to get liposuction (which helps explains her current body insecurities).

But not only did Damon Thomas treat Kim like a personal slave, he also treated her like a punching bag, even roughing up her face before a sky-diving date with Justin Timberlake. Kim also recounts being thrown across a room.

Wowza! Kudos to Kim K. for getting out of that mess and going on to become a worldwide brand and beauty icon! Now that all this is out in the open, it’s a perfect time for Kim to speak out against domestic violence to help women and men currently in this situation to get out of it.

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