Kim Kardashian bikini photo – Did she diet her curves away? NOOOOOO!!!!

I’ve been very open about my Kim Kardashian curve lurve in previous posts, so needless to say I was quite distressed when I saw the most recent image the formerly curvaceous vixen uploaded to Twitpic with the accompanying caption: “Quick Trim photo shoot today in Miami! I finally feel I’ve reached my goal!”

Kim Kardashian in a bikini
Photo: Twitpic (Click for larger image)

What?!? Why?!? In the slightly distorted words of Joseph Conrad, “The horror! The horror! Curves – they dead.”

Kim, I’m happy you’ve reached your goal and all that, but you looked much better just a few weeks ago when you donned that sexy Princess Jasmine costume for Halloween:

Kim Kardashian before and after her diet

I realize lots of women have an irrational desire to always be thinner, but could this possibly be a good endorsement for a diet product? I guess results are results, whether they are more attractive or not.

Actually, I have my suspicions about this photograph. I think it’s obvious her face has been photoshopped in that horrible synthetic video game/adult film star manor that turns the flesh of a human face into a soft brown featureless blur. (For a terrifying example, check out these photos from a girls’ beauty pageant!) I’m thinking there’s something off about the rest of her body as well.

It almost looks as though her head has been photoshopped on, but looking at the two photos it does appear that the two women have very similar belly buttons. So I’m thinking the decurving is just a combination of computer altering and the illusion created by the awkward perspective in the picture. And what about Kim’s bubbies? Could a Princess Jasmine costume top really be that flattering? I dunno – maybe I’m desperately grabbing at straws. What do you think?

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