Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries negotiating pre-nup? What is Kim’s net worth?

Kim Kardashian is negotiating a prenuptial agreement with her husband-to-be Kris Humphries, which is smart because they are both worth quite a bit of bank. Actually, they’re both millionaires, but Kim almost definitely waaaaay more rich than her man.

The NBA star Kris reportedly brings in $3.2 million a year with his deal with the Nets and his net worth is about $8. Her $2 million ring is worth 1/4 of his net worth, and most of his yearly salary.

Kim, however, made about $12 million dollars last year alone, and is worth about $35. She earns her ka$h through fees from her hit E! reality shows, appearances, Tweets, perfume, clothing store Dash, and other sponsorships and deals.

As for that $2 million ring, even if she didn’t get some sort of discount for promoting Lorraine Schwartz’s jewelry, she is estimated to have gotten about $200,000 for selling her exclusive engagement photos to People, and their engagement was filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I’m not sure about their payment deal with E!, but if their engagement storyline boosts ratings, they might get a revenue share of the extra earnings.

They will most likely also get a hefty paycheck for her televising her wedding on E! Kim is playing this fame game like a master champion.

A closup paparazzi shot of Kim’s giant ring. She must have to do specialized workouts just so she can lift her hand:

Giant ring Kim Kardashian