PHOTO Kim Kardashian leaves her house, looks like a dream, etc…

Kim Kardashian looking dreamy leaving her home July 22 2011

If you’re like me then you probably ask yourself all the time, “Now why is it everyone cares about Kim Kardashian?” (I’m actually planning on using that quandry in my hip-hop rewrite of Bob Dylan’s “Blowing In The Wind” in which I answer the question by brilliantly rhyming a phonetically altered version of the word fash-ee-yun.)

Anyways, as many times as I ponder that celebumystery I run across photos like the one above and then I remember – Kim Kardashian is an alien sex goddess. It’s strange that I keep forgetting that – perhaps it’s one of her powers? Either way, Kim looked eminently blogworthy as she departed her home for a party in Beverly Hills earlier today.

Yeah, I just wrote a post about a woman walking down the stairs. Yeah, it was justified. (Marcel Duchamp knows what I’m talking about.)

Photo: Headlinephoto / Splash News