Kim Kardashian’s sex tape partner denies dating ex Housewife Danielle Staub

Rumors have been swirling that two veterans of celebrity sex tape fame had found each other and were dating. So who are these two purported adult celeb actor lovebirds?

If you’re one of the 5 gazillion people who have viewed Kim Kardashian’s sex tape then you might be familiar with one of the three stars of that classic, record producer Ray J. (He gets third billing in the credits right under Kim and Kim’s badonkadonk.)

If you’re one of the unfortunate 5 to 6 people who have seen ex Real Housewives of New Jersey fame monger Danielle Staub’s sex tape, then you also know the other star in the rumor. (Sorry, it’s not the dude but Danielle herself.)

Sex tape veterans Ray J and Danielle Staub

That’s right, MTO posted a photo of the two kissing while having a little fun at the grand opening of the new LA hang-out Lemon Basket.  They captioned the photo by claiming that, “Ray J is dating . . . and by dating we mean SMASHING . . . Danielle from the Real Housewives Of New Jersey.”

Staub was promoting her latest reality gig Famous Food which features the most wonderful collection of random E-list “stars” ever assembled including Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka.  What are all these E-listers doing on Famous Food?  Well they team up and open a nightclub/restaurant in LA, and the restaurant’s name, you guessed it, Lemon Basket!

Along with Kim K. and the champagne, Ray J enjoys getting his tweet on.  Well via his Twitter account he undressed addressed these rumors with one of the funniest twit-denials I can recall.  Here is the two-part reply from the amateur-adult-video legend:

Ray J denied dating Danielle Staub via Twitter

Well maybe this isn’t a denial because Danielle isn’t married and like we said girl ain’t a Housewife any more!  Man this is just such a wonderful double-tweet it took me two lemon-filled donuts and a Diet Coke just to soak it all in.  I think we can safely say that Ray J isn’t a fan of The Real Housewives franchises.

As for Staub, she’s too busy bashing on her old castmates to worry about this speculation.  She told E that The Real Housewives of New Jersey would not have the ratings that it did when she was a member.  She knows that folks loved and mostly loved to hate her and that fact brought in the viewership.  She also stated that it was, “time for everyone to see who truly the crazy ones are.”

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