PHOTOS Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan UK cover and knockout interior bikini shot

May 2011 Cosmopolitan UK cover with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is like that annoying first love that makes it a point to find some reason every month or so to give you a call, send you a message on Facebook, or “accidentally” bump into you at Wal-Mart. Just when you think you’re getting over her, there she is to keep the pilot light burning.

Every time I think my one-way love affair with Kim Kardashian is finally winding down, potentially freeing me up to fully commit my celebrity obsession elsewhere. she shows up in some mesmerizing photoshoot, tweets a picture of herself in a ridiculously sexy costume, or shows up on the cover of some foreign magazine looking superhumanly mojotrulescent.

The latter was the case today when I innocently pulled up my Facebook account and saw this Cosmopolitan UK cover featuring a bikini-clad Kim Kardashian looking as curvy and lurvy durvy as ever! It’s their May, 2011 “The Body Issue” and features the Kim headline: “‘I have cellulite. So what!’ Kim Kardashian hits out.”

I believe “So what!” would be an understatement here, as this interior shot proves:

Kim Kardashian bikini photo from May 2011 Cosmo UK "The Body Issue"

Kim’s feature article is called “Kim Kardashian’s 10 Body Commandments” and features a tantalizing lead-in to match the image: “Kim Kardashian is famous for her pin-up curves. Here, the Body of 2011 lets Cosmo in on her secrets to shatter-proof body confidence.”

Be sure to pick up your May, 2011 issue of Cosmo, UK to not only read up on Kim’s tips but to see even more beautiful pictures! You can also catch another image from the shoot over at Kim Kardashian’s blog!