PHOTOS O’ The Weekend – Kim Kardashian’s giant engagement ring gets papped plus Princess Cake!

OMG, Kim Kardashian got engaged! And she had a gigantic ring, a People cover and filmed the Bacheloresque rose petal engagement for television. Then her family threw her a huge party with an elaborate princess cake and glitter ponies. Next, there was talk about a pre-nup so her fiance, NBA athlete Kris Humphries, can’t take her massive fortune. June 2 Kim debuted her 20.5 carat ring to the paparazzi, and made sure to scratch her head at the correct angle so the photogs could get the perfect shot.

But this is all just the beginning only the beginning, loves. Kim Kardashian’s wedding is going to dominate pop culture for a very long time to come. I’m sure the royals are very grateful to Kim for postponing her engagement circus so they could have their own tent-show across the pond. Kim is generous in that way. Maybe someday she’ll let them kiss her ring.

But seriously, isn’t this what happens when everyone gets engaged?

Here’s a bonus Photo O’ The Day since it’s the weekend, and we didn’t post one yesterday. It’s Kim Kardashian’s engagement princess cake with glitter ponies:

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