VIDEO Kim Kardashian stalker Dennis Shaun Bowman sends her a message

Kim Kardashian stalker Dennis Shaun Bowman

Back in early February of 2010 Kim Kardashian took out a restraining order against 27-year-old Dennis Shaun Bowman of Chattanooga, Tennessee for stalking after he repeatedly tried to contact her via Twitter and even started showing up at her public appearances in an attempt to meet her.

According to the court documents, Dennis was under the deranged impression that Kim Kardashian (and/or Beyonce Knowles) had used one of his songs without compensation and his attempts to set up a meeting with Kim were under the guise of working out monetary compensation for the unauthorized usage.

Dennis Shaun Bowman with a shaved head
Dennis Shaun Bowman has since shaved his head in an attempt to get a part in the Twilight Saga film Breaking Dawn according to his Twitter account.

In addition to Kim, Dennis is also obsessed with Heath Ledger’s Joker character from The Dark Knight Batman movie, and in one of his many tweets directed at Kim he sent her a link to one of his YouTube videos in which he was impersonating the frightening character. After the incident Dennis posted this video on YouTube in which he sort of apologizes to Kim Kardashian for the misunderstanding:

And here is one of his Joker videos, though I don’t know if it was the one he originally sent to Kim. (There was mention of him wearing makeup in that video, which he does not here – although he does have a knife!)

TMZ reported yesterday that Bowman had been attempting to contact Kim as well as her current boyfriend Miles Austin and her sister Khloe via Twitter and her legal team was trying to pursue it as a violation of the restraining order, which prevents Bowman from attempting to contact Kim in ANY manner until 2013.

I tracked down Bowman’s Twitter account and read through the last few days worth of tweets, which was quite a haul for this prolific tweeter! I’ve concluded that Bowman is drawn to the Dark Knight because he is BATsh!t crazy!

I typed up a series of tweets Bowman made on July 31 addressing the fact that Dallas Cowboys receiver (and Kim’s boyfriend) Miles Austin had folks following Bowman’s Twitter account. First he threatens Miles and then offers up his feelings to Kim. (I edited out the profanity)

We can handle that legally or step outside. If Kim loves me you back off and stop trying to force yourself on either of us.

I let Ms.Kardashian make up her mind. But I swear to Jesus Christ you better not force yourself and take whats not yours if she loves me.

I’ll kick your @ss Mr.Austin like Stone Cold mother f***ing Steve Austin for that.

Kim be careful I already blocked Colombo, after asking him not to follow me, and I started getting this Texas following. Look at it.

I dunno these women! Kim we need to work this out, I have love in my heart for you but I dunno you well, barley met you. I can’t tell you who to date Ms.Kardashian but I care about you, if you want to take it another step, I leave that to you to make that move. I swear Kim I care and love you, but I’m not some sick rapist or stalker, you’ll have to take care of that, and i’ll take you to a ball game, or a movie, or dinner if you want. What ever is comfortable for you meeting me better. But out of love and respect for you Ms.Kardashian I just honor your wishes unless you tell me different. But yes for the record I have feeling for Kim, but I barley know her, yes I have grown to have a lot of love and care for Kim in my heart, it could be very real, if we get together, but I swear if anybody trys to hurt her, I’ll kick their @ss. I love Kim as a person, but we need to know eachother better. Point blank. But I feel Kim Kardashian is everything I Could ever want and desire in a woman, but I dare not force her.

Dennis Shaun Bowman impersonates the joker

Here are a couple screen captures of some of his tweets that includes his messages to Kim, Miles and even the LA Police Department! (For those Twitter illiterates – like myself just about – these read chronologically from the bottom up and every time someone’s Twitter ID is preceded by an @ symbol then the tweet was sent to their Twitter account.)

Kim Kardashian stalker Dennis Shaun Bowman's Twitter account 1 of 2

Kim Kardashian stalker Dennis Shaun Bowman's Twitter account 2 of 2