STORAGE WARS Did Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz break up? Plus Brandi bikini photos!

Storage Wars Jarrod Schulz Brandi Passante break up

We have some disheartening news for fans of Storage Wars couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz as it appears as though the reality show couple has called it quits after nearly 20 years together.

There has been no official statement from either Brandi or Jarrod about the split, but it seems quite obvious from their social media posts over the past few months — especially Brandi’s — that they are no longer together.

UPDATE – Click here to see Jarrod and his new girlfriend Rochel!

UPDATE – Brandi talks about the break up and her experiences re-entering the dating pool.

Brandi’s Instagram feed has been a non-stop stream of winery tours, boating excursions, Las Vegas trips, and more — all with a lot of different people that aren’t Jarrod. Brandi has always been a very attractive woman, but in her recent posts she seems to be ramping up the “single and ready to mingle” vibes, including the very first photo she has ever posted of herself in a bikini!

Storage Wars Brandi Passante bikini photo

Avid Brandi fans (of which there are many!) will probably argue that Brandi shared a throwback bikini photo a few years ago featuring herself and her family on vacation in Hawaii, but in that picture she is wearing shorts.

Speaking of Brandi in a bikini top and shorts, she posed for a couple of those recently as well:

Brandi from Storage Wars in a bikini

If you can take your eyes away from Brandi’s other features and focus on her left ring finger, you will notice that she is no longer wearing her engagement ring. In case you were unaware, Brandi and Jarrod never officially got married. Jarrod proposed while the two were filming their single-season spin-off series Brandi and Jarrod: Married To The Job, and the season ended just before their planned wedding.

There is no indication that the two followed through on the wedding plans, but Brandi continued to wear her engagement ring. The last photo I could find of Brandi in which she is still wearing the ring was posted by her on Instagram in November of 2018.

The last photos of Jarrod in Brandi’s Instagram feed are from February and March, although one was a screen cap from a Storage Wars commercial, and the other looks like it may be an older image.

There is also a photo of Brandi and Jarrod posing with a fan in Van Nuys posted in April. The photo looks to have been taken in a parking lot and Brandi and Jarrod don’t look all that happy.

In stark contrast, Brandi has looked nothing but happy over the past few months! Here are just a few examples from her Instagram feed, although much of the serious fun was documented in her stories:

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Best show in Las Vegas @absinthe_vegas

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Sleeping in the job @cellinicari

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We never did find out..

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Love you @leciemeyers …. You are Magic❣️

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Jarrod’s Instagram feed is a little less, um, joyful as it is mostly jammed up with promotions for The Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest, California. I don’t know if Jarrod has any sort of ownership stake in The Rush, but given how much he is promoting it, I would assume that he does.

Brandi and Jarrod have two children together: daughter Payton Schulz and son Cameron Schulz. Here is a photo of Brandi with both Payton and Cameron posted in late August:

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My whole heart

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Because Brandi and Jarrod most likely never officially got married, it’s going to be difficult to know for sure if they have split without a statement from one of both of them because there will be no divorce filing. We will continue to monitor the story and will update if either of them confirm or deny the split.

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