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For three seasons A&E’s Storage Wars has essentially been a boys’ club, with Starcasm fave Brandi Passante (and very rarely Nabila Haniss) having to keep the testosterone at bay. This past season the network injected some more estrogen into the club in the voluptuous form of Casey Nezhoda, wife of Rene Nezhoda and co-owner of the 7,000 square foot Bargain Hunters Thrift Store in San Diego.

Casey Nezhoda from Storage Wars

Actually, Casey’s appearance on the show didn’t exactly warm Brandi’s heart as she emphatically said of Casey’s rather revealing attire early on: “Little Miss too-old-for-tiny-shorts thinks she can knock me out?!?” as the two couples went after the same unit.

Anyways, we’ve had a number of commenters asking for more information on and photos of Casey. We haven’t been able to find out very much actual info other than the fact that she is married to Rene and the two share a young daughter named Tatiana together. But, we were able to cobble together a number of great photos! Here she is with husband Rene and Storage Wars auction duo Dan and Laura Dotson at the Storage Wars Season Premiere earlier this year:

Storage Wars Rene and Casey Nezhoda Dan and Laura Dotson

And here’s Casey from the Bargain Hunter’s Thrift Store YouTube channel:

Storage Wars Casey Nezhoda sexy photo

Another YouTube screen grab featuring Casey Nezhada in a bikini:

Storage Wars Casey Nezhoda bikini pic

Rene and Casey are no strangers to the storage locker auction scene. Actually, they’re no strangers to the storage locker auction reality show scene either!

The couple auditioned for the ABC reality series Celebrity Storage, and made it to the final five (out of more than 200 folks trying out). As you probably guessed, the show never made it to development. But, some of Rene and Casey’s audition clips are still available online. (Sadly, they’re not embeddable, so you’ll have to click on the links to check them out on Vimeo)

Storage Wars Rene and Casey Nezhoda Celebrity Storage audition video for ABC

In this clip Rene’s infamous German accent is on display as he rivals Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson on verbal dexterity and speed! And in this one, Rene and Casey do a “screen test” in which they look through random bizarre theoretical items owned by celebrities such as a rather unpleasant looking pair of boxer shorts owned by Elvis Presley, a vase owned by Liberace, a clown-face urinal owned by John Stamos and a bowl of chewed gum owned by Nicole Richie. (Did ABC really hope to base a show on people buying storage units only owned by celebrities? That sounds nearly impossible!) (Rene also made a “screen test” clip with a rather tough looking guy named Jeff.)

Rene also made an appearance on Spike’s Auction Hunters show, and thankfully we can actually embed a clip for that one!

[GRRRRR!!! The video has been removed!]

Storage Wars Casey Lloyd Nezhoda

Here’s a great excerpt from the recap of the episode from the network that paints Rene as quite the intimidating figure on the auction scene!

Like any city, San Diego has its fair share of locals who are here to snag the best auctions they find, and Ton and Allen were ready for that. Scanning the guys surrounding the auctioneer, Ton and Allen spot a guy called René, who is allegedly a big bidder – he apparently recently dropped $4,100 on a single storage unit – yikes!

There’s still no word if Rene and Casey will be back for Storage Wars Season 5, and if they are, if they will be promoted to full time. With Dave Hester gone and recent reports suggesting Barry Weiss (and possibly others) may be leaving, it only makes sense that the network would want to add some new blood! And that would also make sense of the fact that A&E added a bunch of part time bidders for Season 4 — to try them out and see who the fans liked.

So Starcasm readers, which of the new Storage Wars bidders would you like to see get promoted? Here’s the list:

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda
Nabila Haniss
Jeff Jarred
Ivy Calvin
Herb Brown and Mike Karlinger
The Harris Brothers (Mark and Matt)

Want to keep up with Rene and Casey? Be sure to follow them on their youTube channel linked above. You can also keep up with the Nezhodas on Twitter at the handles @Rbargainhunters and @Cbargainhunters!

UPDATE – Here’s the official Storage Wars Season 5 promotional photo of Casey Nezhoda:

Storage Wars Rene's wife Casey Nezhoda boobs

And I will send you all off with one last bikini photo of Casey Nezhoda:

Rene's wife Casey Nezhoda Storage Wars bidder

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