Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss photo from the 1980s… with long hair!

Barry Weiss from Storage Wars

There is no doubt that eccentric collector Barry Weiss is the rock star of A&E’s popular reality series Storage Wars, but who knew his rock star identity dates all the way back to at least the 1980s?!? Check out the photo above of Barry with a pre-Storage Wars Barry Weiss groupie from circa 1985 when the charismatic King of Zing was the proud owner of a seriously glam rocktacular head of long hair! (Wait a minute… Is that the ’80s version of Camille Grammer with him?!?)

The photo above was featured on a recent episode of the show when Barry was debating on a purchasing a storage unit chock full of what appeared to be numerous items from the 1980’s. Barry commented that the stuff in the locker matched a jacket he had from around 1985 that had padded shoulders, at which point A&E showed this startling image.

At first I didn’t believe it was actually Barry Weiss, but then I looked at these photos side-by-side and my mind imploded:

Storage Wars Barry Weiss from the 1980s with long hairPromo shot of Barry Weiss from Storage Wars by A&E

Just when I thought this witty skeleton-gloved Cowboy Cadillac driving loner couldn’t get any cooler! And remember folks, that long-haired ladies man up there was running a wholesale produce company at the time! Now, if we could only dig up some old photos of Brandi Passante…

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All photos: A&E

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