Jersey Shore beats out GOP Presidential debates to win top basic cable show of the week

Jersey Shore cast photo

GTL reigned supreme over the GOP as MTV’s Jersey Shore finished the week ending January 22, 2012 as the most watched basic cable television show, beating out both Republican Presidential debates. MTV’s grand new party had 6.158 million viewers as Monday night’s Grand Old Party debate on Fox News brought in 5.475 and CNN’s Thursday night Southern Republican debate had 5.022 million viewers watch Newt Gingrich’s rally-worthy response to the opening question about statements made by his former wife about their personal life.

The History Channel’s dynamo Pawn Stars also beat out the debates with 6.141 million and 5.931 million viewers tuning in for two new episodes Monday night.

Lifetime scored their biggest ratings for one of their original movies in over two years as 5.774 million tuned in to watch a grayed and mucho macho moustachioed Rob Lowe take douchebaggery to all new heights in Drew Peterson: Untouchable Saturday night.

In addition to Pawn Stars, The History Channel also scored big with American Pickers, which finished with 4.933 million. That was followed by Storage Wars on A&E (4.885 million), iCarly on Nickelodeon (4.842 million), and Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel (4.813 million).

Here are the Top 25 basic cable shows for the week of January 22, 2012 thanks to TV By The Numbers:

Jersey Shore beats Pawn Stars and Republican debates in the ratings

Top Photo: MTV