VIDEO Storage Wars executive producer Thom Beers discusses writing lines and altering lockers


The main man over at Reality Blurred, Andy Dehnart, posted the following video of Storage Wars executive producer Thom Beers discussing how lines are sometimes written for the cast and how the storage units are sometimes altered for show.

Now before you start saying, “I knew Dave Hester was right about all of this!” Please be aware that what Beers owns up to is a far cry from the many allegations the former cast member has brought about in litigation.

The clip is from a discussion sponsored by NatGeo before the premiere of the show America’s Lost Treasures. The clip features Beers responding to one of the panelists who brings up the alleged undertaking of salting the lockers.

Here’s what Beers said:

“Nope. I can honestly tell you that the stuff found in those containers are found in storage containers. Now what I will tell you this: We have 20, 30 auctions, and so occasionally maybe one piece shows for one auction container, storage locker to another, you know, but that’s as far as we’ll go. That’s, I think, important.”

Also included is Beers addressing how he uses the casts’ dialogue to move the show forward as opposed to a talking head. Part of that process does involve some scripted after-the-fact lines that make for good TV.

“I have to admit, what I like about it is there is a little bit of a chance to make a more clever turn of phrase. So, in essence, there is some writing; it is a set-up. It never—it didn’t push the story. The story is the story.”

So there you have it straight from the top. Sometimes multiple found items from lockers that were bid on by a particular cast member will be placed in the same one since time will not allow for the showing of 20-30 openings. In addition, some of the dialogue is scripted by the folks from the show to help move the story line forward.

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