Is Storage Wars coming back? Brandi Passante hints at show return, plus more evidence

Is Storage Wars coming back for a new Season 13 in 2021?

It’s been more than two years since the last episode of A&E’s hugely popular reality series Storage Wars aired its last episode. Since that time, most of the cast members have laughed off rumors of another season as improbable at best. However, OG bidder boss Brandi Passante seems to have confirmed in a new interview that she and the show are coming back!

The bombshell tea was spilled during Brandi’s appearance on the YouTube channel Spirit Talk Hosted by Shavaun and Sabrina. In the Zoom conference video (embedded below), Shavaun and Sabrina provide Brandi with a tarot reading and also talk with her about her birth chart.

Shavaun is the first to mention a new season of Storage Wars while talking about Brandi’s birth chart. What she says seems to suggest that Brandi shared information about the new season prior to making the video.

“Your sun and your Mercury are in your tenth house, and your tenth house is your career house. So you have great aspects to your career house,” Shavaun explains. “There’s always going to be some really good opportunities, whether it’s Storage Wars or or not,” she continues. “But I’m glad that Storage Wars is back. That’s exciting.”

“Blessing,” Brandi replies. “Blessing and a curse is what I’ve always called it,” she adds while laughing.

Later in the video, Shavaun once again seems to reference a new season of the show when she tells Brandi that “there’s a new project coming up for you other than Storage Wars.”

During Brandi’s tarot reading, Sabrina talks about The High Priestess card and how that relates to the need to express creativity. “You have to be creative in this life, and it’s like your voice is through your creativity,” she tells Brandi. “Which [in] a lot of ways it does make sense that you are on Storage Wars because it’s sort of free speech, right? You get to kind of say what you want?”

“Mostly,” Brandi laughs.

“Are you able to really be creative?” Sabrina asks. “Your ideas that you have, or tips that you have for the show, do you ever get to express them?”

“Yeah,” Brandi says, “as the seasons have gone by — and especially this one in particular — I have a lot more autonomy to kind of bring myself out a little more, which has been really refreshing.”

Brandi continues by saying she felt that she was being “held back” in previous seasons, but says the experience making the new season (I assume) “has been sort of enlightening and a little easier on me.”

Here’s the full video:

That’s pretty much the extent of references to a new season of Storage Wars from the first part of the video. (The second part is coming soon!) I did some online research and could find no mention of a new season of Storage Wars. However, I did see that a Storage Wars production manager updated his online resume to include Season 13. He lists the beginning date for that job as October of 2020.

Brandi’s former co-star Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets is currently living the retired life in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. But, he teased his return to television last year. On July 19 he posted a photo riding in a tow boat and someone asked if Storage Wars was ever coming back. “No,” Darrell said, “but I have a new show coming up.” Someone replied by asking if it was a new TV show. “All I can say,” Darrell replied.

If there is a new season of Storage Wars coming soon, it’s unclear at this time which of the show’s former cast members will be returning alongside Brandi. For those of you that didn’t know, she and her long-time partner Jarrod Schulz separated more than two years ago. I’m guessing that neither of the two would enjoy working together on a new season, but I’m sure producers REALLY pushed for it because of the potential drama.

Who would you like to see back on the new season of Storage Wars? And no, you don’t get to vote for Dave Hester! 😉

UPDATE – A couple days after our post, TV Shows Ace did an article about Brandi’s interview. That article included a recent Instagram post from Storage Wars bidder Mary Padian that definitely suggests there may be a new season. In the photo she poses with Brandi Passante and Mary captioned it by writing: “No filter needed for the two of us treasure finder queens. Ha! Happy to be back in Cali with my forever friend @brandipassante #storagewars #treasures #friendsforever.”

Here’s the post:

UPDATE – We have confirmation of a new season of Storage Wars AND a preview trailer with the returning auctioneers and bidders! Just click the link for all the details!

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