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Who is Rosa Acosta? The noted video vixen has a huge social media presence–between the three biggest platforms, her combined reach is a formidable 5,000,000 people. But, thanks to her addition to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, a whole new audience is seeing her for the very first time. (To that end, she’s sort of like the Cardi B of LHH Hollywood: a woman who worked her own way to prominence, and was then rewarded with a lucrative reality TV contract.) Rosa will be a prominent member of the supporting cast for LHHH Season 3; if you want know more about her, here are the answers to some of the most popular questions related to “Who is Rosa Acosta,” in order to get you set.

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What are Rosa Acosta’s measurements?
This is probably the most commonly asked Rosa Acosta question–and there are a number of different answers available across the internet, which has led to a fair bit of misinformation. Fortunately, the most commonly accessed Q&A sites appear to agree on the basic numbers: 34D-25-37 (that’s bust-waist-hips); 9-inch arms; 21-inch thighs; a body weight of 130, and a body fat percentage of 13.4. We say “fortunately” because those are also the numbers that Rosa herself shared with her fans a few years ago:

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What is Rosa Acosta’s age?
Rosa’s exact birthday, like the birthdays of so many on Love & Hip Hop, is a matter of some dispute. It appears, however, that April 30, 1984 is the correct date, meaning that Rosa just turned 32. (Supporting that date is a recent Xonecole feature which states that Rosa was 25 years old in July of 2009, when she made her “big debut” in the video for Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”) Regardless of the exact date, though, one thing is clear: Rosa knows how to party! Her most recent party was a multi-day, multi-city affair, taking her from Dubai to Houston and back to Hollywood.

Is Rosa Acosta Dominican?
She is indeed: Rosa was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and moved to the United States in 2006, at the age of 22. Acosta was something of a “burgeoning star” in Santo Domingo; she began studying ballet at age four, graduated with honors from the country’s esteemed Instituto de Cultura y Arte (ICA), and toured her home country, often as a soloist. Rosa’s battle with anorexia and bulemia–her weight hovered at 100 pounds during her time in the ballet–led her to give up dancing; she attended business school instead, but, after moving to America, found that her credits wouldn’t transfer.

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Who is Rosa Acosta dating? Is she married?
Rosa isn’t married, but was formerly engaged–to a mysterious “older man.” That relationship fell apart; more recently, Rosa has been dating her upcoming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Nikki Baby (née Mudarris).

However, Rosa’s most high-profile relationship is probably still the one she shared with then-24-year-old Rob Kardashian, back in 2011. Rosa appeared briefly on Khloe and Lamar because of her time with Rob, who got her pregnant the “first time they had sex,” according to Acosta herself. Unfortunately, she miscarried shortly thereafter.

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In honor of Rosa’s past as a video vixen–a career she retired from in 2014–here’s a sampling of her most popular work:

If you find yourself intrigued by Rosa’s wiles, and want to explore further, you’re in luck: you can follow her on Instagram here, on Twitter here, and on Facebook here.

Of course, you can also check her out weekly on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3. The new episodes begin airing Monday, August 15th, on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Who is Rosa Acosta via Instagram)

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