Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian allegedly together: grand reality comeback in the works?

Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian

Word on the street is that they’re prepping some sort of reality TV crossover — but are Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian really together? Or is their whole (still alleged) relationship just a PR stunt? Rob’s been out of the reality game for awhile, but Blac Chyna’s drained his finances. And Alexis might be out for revenge after she and Blac’s nasty nightclub spat last week.

In case you missed the drama that kicked this whole gossip-fest off: a few days back, Alexis and Blac were chilling together at a Hollywood nightclub when Blac apparently flew off the handle, started shouting at Alexis, and then threw a drink in her face. Alexis retaliated with some fisticuffs, and things deteriorated into a shouting match. And yes, of course there’s video.

After that, Alexis took solace at the home of her apparently long-time friend Rob Kardashian (which, since he’s currently living with his mom, is actually Kris Jenner’s home). Alexis shared the now-infamous shot below, taken just before she cooked Rob dinner:

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Now, it seems that Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian may actually be a legit couple? When a fan on IG asked if Alexis was genuinely interested in Rob or just trying to get something out of him, Alexis replied, “I love Rob.”

But even that response might be more subterfuge than anything else. As we pointed out in our original article, Rob deflected the original attention he got for having Alexis looking all sultry in his mom’s kitchen by claiming he and Alexis have known each other for five years. So Alexis could just be saying she “loves” Rob the same way the cute girl writes “Love you” and signs her your name in your middle school yearbook, and you then spend the whole summer wondering why you never made a move when you had a chance.

Having said that, there’s probably a much simpler explanation. We explored Rob Kardashian’s net worth and finances a few months back when he and Blac’s custody fight dragged the figures out into the open. It turns out that Rob is worth far less than had been assumed — trust fund aside — in large part because he’s stopped appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians over the past few seasons.

But Rob has since said he’ll return to the show. And a new report claims that Kris Jenner is paying Rob to lose weight ahead of his on-camera appearances. So it’s at least likely that this whole thing with Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian and Blac is 100% publicity intended to boost Rob’s profile and give him something a storyline ahead of his KUWTK re-debut later this year.

(Photo credits: Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian via Instagram)

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