Lamar Odom reportedly furious with Khloe Kardashian after broken reconciliation promise

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A new Lamar Odom update brings a spate of new allegations and rumors about the former NBA star’s apparent feud with estranged wife Khloe Kardashian. According to the latest reports, Lamar is furious with Khloe for going back on her promise to reconcile with him once he recovered from last year’s drug overdose and seizure at the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada..

Hollywood Life dispatch details the breakdown between the couple, which is apparently based in a miscommunication. Lamar claims that Khloe promised him she would get back together with him once he was “healthy.” Now that he’s been out of the hospital for several months, and is out and about again, it looks like he believes he’s lived up to his end of the bargain.

“Lamar feels Khlo lied to him when he was on his death bed,” an apparent source explains, “because she told him she’d never leave him and made all sorts of loving promises.”

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However, that’s not how Khloe sees things at all, as a follow-up from Inquisitr makes clear. “had it with Lam[ar],” said a source; “she believes he’s choosing drugs over his own life. Khloe’s pissed he won’t go to rehab and feels he’s doing very little to stay sober. They can’t even communicate right now, it’s that bad. Lamar just wants to get away from her as quickly as possible and is currently connecting with his family.”

Recently, Odom has been back in the news for some of the same behavior that led to his near-death experience. It was only two weeks ago that he was reportedly confronted by several friends at his home, and asked to explain the assorted drug paraphernalia the friends found there. More than one source compared that confrontation to an intervention. Then, Odom was photographed leaving a gas station in possession of herbal Viagra–one of the very substances that led to last year’s seizure.

“Lamar’s mad,” the same source added, “because Khloe’s made it clear that she’s no longer interested in him…and filed for divorce.”

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