Lamar Odom is ‘partying endlessly,’ unless he’s settling down with his family

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Lamar Odom’s year has seen a string of conflicting information about the embattled former NBA star’s attempts at sobriety. And, according to several new reports, Odom is either stuck in a feedback loop of “endless partying,” or has begun to settle down and pay more attention to his family.

Though Odom was released from the hospital earlier this year–following 2015’s drug overdose and near-fatal seizure at Nevada’s Bunny Ranch brothel–his personal life appears to have gotten more turbulent, rather than less. Estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, who had suspended her divorce from Lamar, recently re-filed paperwork to restart the process. Lamar has also been spotted drinking around Los Angeles several times; the most infamous occasion came when he was seen in a bar just a few hours before attending Easter church services with the Kardashian family, and wore the same hooded sweatshirt to both events. Friends have reportedly staged at least one intervention on Lamar’s behalf, after supposedly finding crack pipes at his home. Most recently, his former brother-in-law Rob Kardashian allegedly invited Lamar to move in with he and fiancée Blac Chyna, that Lamar might better be able to get a grip on himself.

Now, an Inquisitr article claims that Lamar has been “partying endlessly” almost since his hospital release. “It seemed clear that Lamar didn’t want” Khloe’s help, the article states, before further claiming that “Lamar has been having endless parties with random women—some of whom…sources claim he slept with.” One of those sources elaborated: “Lamar has women throwing themselves at him. They come up to him everywhere he goes. And they’re hot. So he takes them up on their offers…

“Lamar is drinking again,” the source continued, “and everyone is worried that he could start doing drugs again. He goes out and people see him drinking, so they are afraid of what will happen to him after last year.”

However, at least one high-profile report has it on good authority that Lamar might be calming down:

No less an authority than TMZ, which broke the original Lamar Odom seizure story last October, tells a different tale. According to the site, Odom “couldn’t look happier [or] healthier,” and seems perfectly content “doing the regular ole Dad thing at Disneyland.” And, in a humorous side note, it’s being reported that Odom had to ride by himself at Thunder Mountain, because of the length of his legs.

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