Khloe & Lamar baby rumors persist, but Lamar’s family is terrified by his condition

Khloe & Lamar baby rumors

As is true with all things Kardashian, the number of stories involving Khloe & Lamar baby rumors has spun nearly out of control. In this particular case, the past few days have seen an explosion of gossip, ever since initial word of Khloe’s possible pregnancy broke. Threatening to overshadow those rumors, however, are increasingly worrisome reports about the state of Lamar Odom’s mental and physical well-being. Sources allegedly close to Lamar’s family say the people around him are concerned that the former NBA champion might be nearing the point of no return.

We reported on rumors involving Khloe’s pregnancy earlier this week, when all fingers were pointing at a series of “late-night hookups” in June–and possibly earlier–which left “Khloe’s friends buzzing that she’s pregnant, and that [the baby] is Lamar’s.” Neither Khloe nor Lamar offered official comment, and so the rumors grew. Now, according to a new Inquisitr article, Khloe has a “bombshell” demand: she says Lamar owes her the $10 million she’s fronted him for medical bills and his partying lifestyle over the past few years.

Per an insider, “[Khloe has] been bankrolling him for years, ever since he quit the Lakers and became a full-time dropout.” What does “bankrolling” mean? Apparently, the setup included everything “from lodgings to pocket money—and even support for his dad and kids.”

Lamar Odom update

However, that demand doesn’t quite jive with the current series of rumors involving Lamar Odom individually. According to those stories, he is “not in a good place right now,” and is threatening to topple over. An Entertainment Tonight article quotes several insiders who say that Lamar “really needs help”: one source, supposedly very close to Lamar himself, says that “Everyone is really worried for his safety right now.” And that source went on to praise Lamar’s estranged wife: “Thank God he had Khloe near his side in the fall. If she wasn’t there, God knows what could have happened to him.”

In addition, an Us Weekly article reminds readers that the Kardashians aren’t the only ones affected by Lamar’s hard-partying ways. Lamar’s kids are said to be “so upset” about their father’s state that they can barely function. Another insider claims Lamar has told them “he wants to rebuild his life in New York—but that’s not really happening.” Us further reports that Lamar’s New York family–”Destiny, 17, and Lamar Jr., 15, along with his first wife, Liza Morales, and aunt JaNean Mercer”–has been “so worried that they planned a July 22 intervention with addiction specialist Ron Dock.” Their intention was to confront Lamar and drive him from New York to a rehab facility in Florida. When a friend “tipped him off,” though, Lamar reportedly fled his hotel room. He is now living in a series of friends’ houses.

“The kids really wanted the intervention to happen,” said Us’ insider. “Everyone wants Lamar to get help.”

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